John Mcafee is asking money to promote your crypto.

3년 전

So it wasn’t really a secret that John Mcafee is asking money to promote your cryptocurrency. But now he came out and admitted it. Basically John Mcafee is responsible for the pump and dumps of some obscure crypto’s (which should be forbidden).

So he came out. For 100.000 dollar he will promote your currency on Twitter.
I am surprised that Twitter allows this because it is banning any other type of advertisement on ICO’s and crypto’s.

Any self respecting blockchain company that issue a crypto would be wise to stay far away from mister mcafee. In fact stay away from any crypto that mcafee is promoting I’d say.
(except the ones you are HODLing ;) )

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I agree. While John Mcafee is interesting to listen to he does come across as just being in it for the money. At the end of the day he’s just a buinessman, not someone that necessarily loves Bitcoin and Blockchain in itself.