50 Shades Of Crypto Currency Chapter #1 : Pump & Dumps

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Hey Steemians & Cryptopians,

Lately there have been many crypto projects that skyrocketed (pumped) out of nowhere that you may not have seen before or maybe your favorite project may have plummeted (dumped on) for no apparent reason.

When you join or just nose around a project,the best way to get information right from the project is to join their news letter or join a group they may have whether it be on Slack, Telegram, Discord or any other such communicating platforms out there.

Humans have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so when a project skyrockets people sell off projects they have been holding onto, to try and get in on a project that is moving up, sometimes while doing this proper research isn’t done. Due to FOMO you constantly feel that if you're not quick enough you’ll miss out, but sometimes you can be the bag holder - the one that’s joined the project on the high, so that people are now dumping the project down on you, which may never go as high as when you got involved in it.

When you take a further look on some of these projects you can find unfinished dev work or maybe many of core developers might have moved on due to many reasons such as:

  • No fundings to move on
  • Bit of more than they could chew (bigger project than they thought or maybe outside their skill set)
  • Work commitments (Most devs work also, these are mostly side projects - bigger projects with funding is where the full-time devs are mostly)

Also sometimes in various projects, even though a developer may leave the community there may be a community takeover, where someone in the community who has passion for the project and is willing to bring in new life to the project tries to accomplish as much as possible.

What's the difference between taking some cake and pumping and dumping?


When your taking some cake, you're taking back some or all what you have put into the project, but leaving the rest within the project, or you may get back into the project lower on in.
Where Pumping & Dumping is pushing the price up so you can dump your project units down on others so you can profit.

Ending this post, we’ll like to leave you with this thought provoking statement a wise man once said

Everyone that trades aren't they all Pump & Dumpers as when you see it went high you check the chart and wish you got in lower when it goes high when you misses the opportunity to sell you wished you set it up to sell

We would love to know you thoughts on this thought provoking statement? So do leave a comment!

Until next chapter - We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Author: biglipsbudgetmama

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It is true. It has happened to me more than once. Truth is patience and watching the price for months before buying will get you in at a better price rather than jumping in 9 out of 10 times.

I agree with your provoking statement. With the experience of the dot.com (I invested 1 dollar which went up to 17 dollars and came back to 1 dollar) I am thinking a lot about what is the right exit strategy? Especially with a BTC dominance scenario in mind that is not so easy and probably for some coins the answer might be never (only spend it when commonly accepted).
But I am convinced we will see a sell off a few times more before we have mass adoption. Just keep everything through that time? Or "dump" it early on?

One thing seems sure to me: What all the crypto investors think their portfolio is worth now only a few of them will be able to actually realize those profits.

There's a risk of confusing pump-and-dump which is really a form of fraud from legitimately investing in and selling something you believe in.

A scammer perpetrating a pump-and-dump go in knowing that they are only in it to raise the price and sell. Often the scammers choose projects that are otherwise dead (so that they can get in ultra-cheap). Scammers also advertise to the whole world about the investment trying to drum up others to drive up the price. Additionally, pump & dumpers are in it for the least amount of time possible. They won't want to be invested for more than a few days to a month.

Someone who is legit invests in a project because they see value in it. They believe it will go up even if they don't invest. They don't need to tell everyone about their investment (though they may choose to), and they may not even have a clear exit strategy for their investment. They may choose to hold on for years. When they do sell off the investment it's often because they no longer see as much value in the project or don't expect any more growth (or just need the money for a different purpose/project).

But there really is a clear difference in the motives of a pump & dumper and an investor.

thx for sharing

thanks for sharing @adsactly..
this is useful posting for many Steemians & Cryptopians....
keep steem on sir :)

Liked the post.
I try not to chase pumps at all. When it's pumping it's too late. But than again, so many times it's not. I was considering buying NEO at $7 for example, but didn't because it got pumped hard already, regretted it later but it's more of an exception than a rule.
I try to find good projects, buy in when it's low and just hold.

I think most people can identify themselves with that statement, it's only too true :D

Hey Steemians & Cryptocureency & all

Lately there are a lot of crypto projects that have skyrocketed (pumped) out of nowhere that you've probably never seen before or maybe your favorite projects may have dropped dramatically for no apparent reason. Until when will the crypto project skyrocket. Really amazing crypto project! Thank you friend. Has shared!

Nice post when any coin go down they will pump back with more than there value in 3-4 months

yes sir but i dont agree on pump when its value go up properly it will stable and also i see many of want to include in any project but they dont have some talent for this and they try some but not more to get right and leave it after

This Is Very Useful

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It is good post @adsactly .... for the crypto lovers like me....

We all have wishes and regrets , if we do not take action when our heart says , it may be our loss . If our time is not then , then it's not meant to be . We should move towards the next oppertunity

some time we feel its time to hold and buy and we take some profit and about pump many here who offer for this but some of them are good mostly not

appreciate you ! done good work

Amazing post
thank you
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In the stock market, it is reasonably easy to spot pump and dumps, IF one does his/her homework, which does not take that long. Surprisingly, a number of them are initiated by third parties.

I do not know all what information that cryptocurrency charts provide. Knowing who the principals are and their stake and if it changes is vital information.

Over the last few days, I have discovered more and more acceptance and even direct applications of cryptocurrency. Pardon the pun, but cryptocurrency is now a factor with the likes of Hive.

Fear and greed are two emotions, when overplayed lead to disaster in the markets. One has to have an exit point before the buy button is hit, even if the strategy is to buy and hold.

Keep calm and love Steem )

Pumping and dumping cryptos is a short-sighted approach. You own cryptos for a long term ride because of the persistent devaluation of fiat currencies. For those who decide to trade these digital coins on a regular basis, they help contribute to the price volatility of this up and coming industry.

Let's not forget good old fashioned GREED. It is what blind us to the red flags that are right in front of our face. It is what tells us to "bet the farm" on an investment rather than to test the waters and wade in slowly. Greed leads to the "fear" part of the Fear Of Missing Out.

I don't know for me the magic of bitcoin is kind of illusive. Pragmatic thinking says to me that it is shallow market valuation-wise and that this shallowness presents a lot of bumping opportunity.

The main deal about new projects is the developer must be passionate and believe in what they do. Then such risk of dumping will be minimised. This vision must also be shared by the investor and backers alike. Then we have a long haul business. Its just a matter of how far it will sail.

muy bueno me gusto buen post

Some good thoughts here. Personally I feel that the majority of alt coin and "alt coin projects" we see and have seen over the past few months to year and half have come from people looking to get on the bandwagon and ride the hype. Some have a purpose though and that's great but the majority, it feels like anyways, have been created for short term gains and the "pump and dumpers" take full advantage.

good post , Upvoted and followed.

What is your thoughts on BURST ? check my latest post

very good work

Where is the 50 Shades content? I've been click baited yet again. LOL