LBRY Credits -- A BlockChain Based Video Platform Which Pays

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With the advent of Blockchain technology, the World is changing slowly but effectively. Every traditional online platform is evolving with the use of Blockchain. Social media platforms have already been evolved into Blockchain based Social media platforms like Steemit. Traditional online gaming platform has already been evolved into Peerplays. Now comes the video platform.

We all know the significance of video platforms, they have become the inseparable part of our life. There isn't a single day when we don't watch videos on Youtube or other video platforms for the purpose of education, learning and entertainment.

But these traditional platforms lack at various fronts like content ownership, Video blocking rights, Copyright issue and many more.

Traditional online video platforms needs to be evolved with the advent of Blockchain technology. Now, a Blockchain based video platform has already come into existence for video enthusiasts, LBRY Credits (pronounced Library Credits).

What is LBRY ?

LBRY is a Decentralized Blockchain based video platform which provides new way for people to publish and share content with one another online.

Let's understand it with an example: When I stream a video on LBRY, other viewers also share a piece with me and yet the video creator stays in control. LBRY empowers creators to show their work on their terms with anyone in the World.

Suppose I want to share some content, I would claim a LBRY URL, upload my content set a price. There are no middle men, no advertisers and no censorship. The fact that LBRY is a blockchain based platform means that once uploaded into the World,no one would own or control it with full power.

How artists, creators, authors would produce and share their content is up to them and the audience which seeks that content.

How LBRY is different from traditional online video platforms?

LBRY has set its sight on the big five of media which is Music, Movie, TV, Video games and Books.

So it is somewhat similar to Bittorrents in regards to how files are shared but what makes them different is LBRY changes what motivates the hosts to share certain files by replacing the popularity with price.

So, LBRY can focus on specific markets by making available obscure piece of work, be it Music, Videos, Books or TV to there demanders who are wiling to pay a bit more money for a chance to get their hands on it.
So hosts would provide anything which would bring in more money to them.

Apart from paid content, an author or host can also choose to freely share his content to build his audience.

LBRY concept is really unique and somewhat needed currently. Nowadays online video platform remains in full control of your content. They have the rights and authority to shut down your content if they suddenly decide that your content doesn't go with the ideals of their advertisers.

At LBRY your content will be distributed and available to all which you can control without any interruption of any middleman.
All you have to do is to download their iOS, android or desktop app and fill your login details and you're good to go.

LBRY Credits Stats & Charts

Total Market Capitalisation: $24.12 Million
Total Supply: 466 Million
24hr Volume: $1.83 Million
Current Price:$0.35

I would recommend everyone to use this platform for content creation as well as accessing videos. You'll even get paid in LBRY credits when you'll make an account and start watching videos. This platform has a potential to grow exponentially in the near future. Have a look at it and decide for yourself.

Thanks for reading ..!!

Visit LBRY

Author: @cryptonet

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@adsactly - Sounds very interesting idea. I'll surely give LBRY a try.

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that market cap has so much potential if lbry can catch on.

Very interesting!
Is like a YouTube where you are paid to look videos!?
Like steemit & Facebook!
Really nice idea!
I will start now to look at It!
Thanx for the info!

Great post, learned something new on LBRY, I have some LBRY on my portfolio at the moment. I will be investing from time to time.

Nice work, I wasn't aware of this. Thank you

Thanks! I just bought some LBRY credits a few days ago, and I'm very impressed so far! I might have to make a video...

It looks promising, I'm gonna check this out. I bought some LBRY a while ago, I hope that someday I will be rich because of it! :D


hahaha same here, but just a small amount. So not gonna buy my lambo from that i reckon XD

I´ve been testing LBRY for some weeks now.
I really think this has some good potential in the future.
I hope hey release a white paper soon though.

i have to say you did some very good work on this and thank you for all the info


Agree, very well done info on a service that needs to be popularized!

Visit LBRY link at the bottom is broken.. Kindly fix it.

Thanks a lot for your input. LBRY sounds very interesting.
Do you know more about the copyright terms or the author rights? For example, if you are a visual artist and want to post a video that you have created on your own on LBRY.
Thank you in advance for your future answer.


Yeah you can set whatever copyright you want at posting. I copyright(your own) my gameing videos, and animation or visual arts you could totally do that too. Some I make public domain, and some I copyright(your own)


Thank you for replying.
I have checked their website and I find it very promising and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this piece of information about the copyright. I am planning on making an account there. Merci for your review.
Have a great day 😊

Nice post! I have been using LBRY for a week, and love it!

check out
for great content

Good to know..... thanks for sharing :)

I've got some LBRY, been holding it for a while now. At a market cap of 25 million I can see this going 4x easily in a short while, and more in the long run.

nice to hear about lbry it is also new for me and mostly ur posts new for me bcz i have only some knowledge on crypto and i also thanx u to and some talented people which share new and brilliant informations and i get many knowledge @adsactly sir and now about lbry is exellent i try ot know more about it and whats ur suggestions to buy lbry is right or nor?

Thanks for the article. I have had the LBRY app/wallet sitting on my machine for a while, but have had problems with it. Maybe I should check for an update.

Thank you for the information. This is new to me and I will check into it.

thanks for the information..
this will be better for all of us..
thanks for sharing .. :) upvoted you for this post

I wonder how this is stand up against YouTube? Will they be able to complete or will YouTube adapt?

Nice ! It looks on some points like the DTube Platform
Thanks for sharing ;-)

According to my review, LBRY is better than youtube. I like LBRY

Thank you for sharing the information on LBRY, Didn't realize all that they were doing, thought it was only books, something to revisit to look more in-death into.

fascinating... thanks for the share. I'm a YouTuber, so it would be cool to re purpose the videos I've already made.

I'll have to do some more research! Thanks!

I think its a good deal @adsactly .... And also a best service....

I've holding some. I'm interesting to see if it servivices with "DTube" out there now. And that no one likes to pay for anything.

Nice post! I invested on LBRY a while ago and they are a cool company.

I will look this one over as well. All I want is a YouTube type platform, less the censorship. Also it should be free to the viewer, unless the viewer want's to tip in USD, Steem, or both. Last, but most important is a free video editor.

Splitting add revenue with the platform, and a small portion of tips is fine with me. Advertisers need to stop being so lazy and "CHOOSE" whom they will advertise with.

This blanket censorship of everything for the sake of corporation incompetence is not acceptable.

This is my wish list, thank you for all your hard work presenting this to the community.

Not as secure as I would like it to be though, theres no password for you account at all I beleive.

I am holding LBC since it was $.6..what do you think it can grow back this year? :D

for real. Thanks for your information. I'm going to check lbry. In this time already is using much blckchain and you have to be very aware of every thing that comes out ..


Good information.

This is fantastic news.

Downloading the beta now!

great post,

that shitty thing still has no wallet, leave me allone

just a database on the blockchain. why

Yea I been holding LBC for a while now...extremely undervalued
Whenever its below .45 im buying

sounds great ..


Im new to Steem so still trying to figure this out ,but sounds pretty promising

Great post , but i don't believe n LBRY Credits as a crypto currency

Useful information. Thanks for sharing. I must say DECENT (DCT) sounds similar in many ways.

Great article. Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks.

@cryptonet, @adsactly, What do you think if it would be possible maybe to merge LBRY and DTube into one at some point in time? With LBRY, a design is not done in a proper manner, not accommodated for all the people of all preferences, but the good thing is that it has the DOWNLOAD button. Looking forward to see what will happen. Thanks for the post, keep it up!


Well, the idea is good but both works on completely different protocols. So, there's no room for discussion. But LBRY is improving it's UI effectively and all the bugs has been removed. The best thing is that it pays and gives you all the rights to your content. You can even download an app of it on Desktop or on a smartphone.

Great overview. I just bought a little last night, and plan on downloading the browser/wallet.

The thanks

Good article.

Followed!!!, Please Follow Back

Wow! I didnt realize you could earn credits for watching videos. Will definitely check them out! Will the day come when we will all earn our money by making an watching each others videos?

The video market is really heating up with the likes of LBRY, DTube and! Exciting times for sure!

I'm glad to see this segment of the internet taking off, with more platforms showing up lately, mainly because of the censorship issue, but also in regards to the revenue part as well.
No creator wants to have its work taken down, and it's only fair to benefit from your own creation.
Thank you.

I had the same idea a couple of months ago, thank you for making it possible!

Wow good information on one post, I wait for your next posting

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The "visit LBRY" hyperlink is wrong.