Poll: Which 5 cryptocurrencies are the best long-term.

3년 전

My top 5 cryptocurrencies are:

1. Bitcoin

2. Steem

3. Digibyte (minecraft update was huge)

4. Stratis

 5. Litecoin (if amazon accepts them they would be huge) 

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Steem > the rest of them

If you are right with your prognosis, we have many reasons to celebrate.

Very nice coins in the top 5! I am not sure about Digibyte though. You can mine Digibyte within Minecraft but you need to pay a 40% withdrawal fee which makes is very difficult to get a lot of coins.

I think that Lisk and Antshares(NEO) also have great potential in the long-term!


Never heard of them. I write them up for the future. Thanks.

My choice, Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin

  2. Steem

  3. Ripple

  4. Bitcoin Extra XBC

  5. Sia coin

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Digibyte got pumped and dumped. I wouldn't invest in it.