ONAM: The Most Innovative Exchange on the Blockchain

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ONAM offers us a world of possibilities thanks to its powerful commercial engine, far superior to that of the most well-known exchanges, supporting millions of transactions per second without collapsing, giving the possibility of supporting millions of users without affecting their commercial activities.ONAM is here to stay, it is the most innovative platform in the exchange of Tokens that offers its users and investors the best tools to market and safeguard their cryptocurrencies. This innovative tool guarantees its users the highest security and speed in each transaction, which allows greater peace of mind and reliability when managing your investment.ONAM is a compliant cryptocurrency exchange platform. ONAM offers the latest and best security, scalability, transparency, customer support, liquidity and compliance.ONAM platform features, an exceedingly powerful trade matching engine that can process over ten million transactions per second and is further scalable.ONAM is taking steps to become fully compliant and working with regulatory bodies on its plans to obtain a Broker-Dealer license, money transmitter license and register as an Alternative Trading System with the SEC.


The implementation of advanced tools to fight market manipulation and securing of funds had made Onamthe best and fastest trading platform with great features to increase trading comfortability.
Trade assistant – this will be in form of trade alerts and signals.
News and Announcement Feed – this will offer a real time update thereby enabling ONAM users to stay up-to-date with news and events happening in the crypto world and on theONAM platform.
Fair Exchange Fee - Unlike other crypto exchange the ONAM exchange will only take 0.05% on market takers and market makers. Also, deposition fee will be free on the platform.
Advance trading tools - this will help the user to carry out full technical analysis and enhance his profit taking change.
Advanced order type - this include; trailing stops, take profit, iceberg orders, fill or kill, good till cancelled and others.
Paper trading - this allows novice and intermediate traders to trade on the platform without actual funds,
Modular UI – this allows users to customize their trading page to their taste,
Composite index fund - this allows customer’s access to a smart and secure way to get diversified exposure to crypto assets.


Computer malice and cryptocurrency pirates do not seem to rest, so ONAM takes security as a priority and North, which is why an advanced threat prevention and intrusion detection system with automatic learning technology was developed. This system is self-evaluated recursively, to detect any vulnerability in the system.
Along with DDoS mitigation, 2FA solutions, and anti-phishing solutions, ONAM have their own “Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection, and Trade Surveillance systems”. These systems are driven by machine learning to identify irregular activity before it negatively affects user accounts.Commercial Surveillance tools together with the encrypted databases, guarantees the security of your funds, and these millionaire losses of 266 million dollars in crypomenedas is no longer common and there is no fraud or theft and many fewer attacks that can break the security of ONAM that is what you are looking for with the help of machine learning technologies.


speed has become an important part of any platform of change and ONAM is not the exception, although apparently they took seriously this whole issue of speed because they have the highest capacity to resist transactions of all those that exist.its ONAM Matching Engine interface can handle more than 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds (incredible no?), this makes an incredible option for the time that affects all this satiety.

ONAM token

The ONAM token is on offer dependent on the Ethereum organize amid the ICO. The ICO started in October first and is intended to go up to the first of December or until 195 000 tokens are sold out; whichever happens first. Any tokens that are unsold will be demolished. the beginning of the sale was on October 1, 2018 and ends on December 21, 2018, it seeks to raise the amount of 195 million dollars and stipulated a circulating amount of 300 million tokens, the price ratio is expect it to be the following Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = ~ 2,875 ONAM, 1 BTC = ~ 81,250 ONAM, in the following image you can see how the funds raised after the presale will be distributed.For users who own these ONAM token, they can save up to 50% in negotiation fees, and be able to enjoy the most advanced tools of the ONAM platform, such as Commerce Assistant, Market Analysis tools, Alerts and Commercial Signs. and much more.


It is true that ONAM is not inventing something new, it is however taking an existing thing and redefining the way it is done. With ONAM various features, ranging from low transaction costs, increased transaction per seconds (10 million TPS), increased latency (40 mamoseconds), paper charting, high end security and regulatory compliance, paper charting, etc., it is glaring that ONAM is indeed going to be more effective and efficient than present exchanges. Check out the image below, and be amazed.

The Team



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