AiBB facilitates several functions and removes the need to trust 3rd party applications altogether

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Artificial Intelligence seems like the perfect tool for the financial market, using forecasts to make vital trading decisions. Financial success depends heavily on predicting where the market is heading. Artificial Intelligence is predictive by nature, and can analyse mass data sets with incredible speed and accuracy, it’s not difficult to see why businesses in the sector have been quick to adopt AI and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is so valuable when it comes to maximizing potential gain, especially when it can gather so much information about the financial climate and simulate risk scenarios.

AIBB Overview

AiBB is an Artificial Intelligence assistant that incorporates Ai, various blockchain networks, smart contracts and banking into a single all in one application to equip their users with the decision making power they've never had before.
AiBB gives users all the tools they need for successful trades, including a payment gateway, personalized portfolio management, trade predictions advice, groundbreaking Ai chat, and Ai security.

AiBB Vision

  • AiBB is set to be the first Ai assisted application that will grow to become a completely decentralized platform that facilitates several functions and removes the need to trust 3rd party applications altogether.
  • Users will be able to execute trades across some of the most liquid and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, preventing the destabilization that can occur when a single exchange is forced to absorb a high-volume transaction.

Market Issues

  1. Price Volatility
    Price volatility happens in two circumstances:
    when there is a lack of accurate assessment of the underlying value of a security
    where there is a lack of market depth.
  2. Buying Crypto
    Prior to even buying crypto, people have a notion that because there is no physical element to it, they can not convert it into hard cash in their bank account.
  3. Poor Valuation of Markets
    It's difficult to properly value investments in a brand new space. Fear of over valuation must be met with reliable data. Early adopters navigated their way through these markets with limited tools and resources. They were self-educated and their investment transactions were made based on speculation and emotion rather than calculated, informed and educated decisions.
  4. Misinformation
    The current ICO market often relies on the intelligent evaluation of a future product. Most companies lack a product, the technology, a proper team or a vetted revenue model, and many are raising money based only on a white paper alone.
  5. Fragmentation
    An unintended ramification of decentralization is fragmentation, where market information is published in multiple places by multiple people at multiple times and isn’t always correct or up-to-the-minute.
  6. Token Loss and Transfer Time
  • Transferring cryptocurrencies remains a stressful with a large margin of error.. Users can check and recheck the address, but one wrong character and assets could be sent to an unknown contact.
  • It is also a very time-consuming process which can take up hours, where users try to mitigate risk by sending a small amount first and then sending a second round.

AiBB Solutions

  1. Price Volatility
    Better information and investor education in the crypto-currency market.
    Increasing the volume of investors, This can be achieved by introducing more market players into this space so that no one big investor can dominate the particular cryptocurrency and engage in price manipulation.
  2. Buying Crypto
    AiBB fixes this by partnering with various exchanges and acquiring an EML (electronic money license) to convert crypto to FIAT on the application easily and faster than ever before.
  3. Poor Valuation of Markets
    The cryptocurrency industry faces this challenge: investors require the right tools to allow them to build and grow a broad portfolio while ensuring a natural growth rather than risky speculation on over- or undervalued investments.
  4. Misinformation
    The market should be driven by promise, not fear.
  5. Fragmentation
    Decentralized markets must rely on authorities that can assess all the fragments and make that information accessible to all. This transparency is a benefit if the centralized library is trustworthy.

AiBB exclusive agreement with SKAEL

The exclusive agreement with SKAEL Inc. gives AiBB its core Ai power.

  • By partnering with SKAEL, AiBB is able to apply more complex, contextual understanding to the crypto realm in a way that provides users with a true adviser/ assistant rather than a pre-programmed bot for rudimentary answer-finding.
  • Outside of AiBB core proprietary Ai Technology, they layer some of the best technology protocols available like instant payment and asset management.
  • AiBB goal is not to re-invent these technologies, it is to leverage them and combine the best ones, optimize them, and to deliver a seamless and intelligent user experience that makes traders more successful.

AiBB’s Ai CORE Overview

AiBB deploys this innovative technology according to the Virtual Customer Assistants (VCAs) framework that enables it to understand, problem solves, and undergo supervised deep learning.
Running in the background of each module, the Ai not only monitors but proactively looks for ways to optimize your holdings.

  • Outside of trading, AiBB is an analytics powerhouse able to cut hours of research and provide the user with actionable knowledge rather than raw information.

Why AiBB use Tokens?

  • Core functions of AiBB are available free of charge to users to ensure platform growth and a large and growing community of traders who use the platform for its superior Ai assistance.
  • Some functions require a positive balance of AiBB, making sure traders are connected to the core token utility and are thus stakeholders in the platform, entitled to access new functions.
  • Some functions come with fees, like token swap, smart contracts, and trading. Overall, token usage is designed to increase activity in the ecosystem and allow stakeholders to improve how they trade.


By leveraging patent-pending Ai technology, AiBB will be the first Ai assisted, decentralized application that facilitates a trading desk alongside a personal assistant for investors. Investors can selectively choose from many exchanges to trade their cryptocurrencies on one application interface.
AiBB is committed to traders themselves. Their technology gives traders faster, secure, more efficient, more accurate trades, and at the end of the day, more profitable careers.

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