Robolab Provides Its Robotic Bartender Unit "Yanu"

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In an un-automated world, the first response to ensuring compliance throughout the client lifecycle very often involves applying brute force to the problem. With the rapid change in the technology landscape, it makes one wonder that which technology will take the lead. Though it is challenging to predict, experts feel that technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain would be the leaders and influence the ecosystem. It is also anticipated that the robots will play an essential role in changing many industrial applications and with their heterogeneous characteristics, it seems that they will be ideal for many future applications. And when a ground-breaking technology like blockchain gets combined with robotics, it will make the robotic operations more secure, flexible, autonomous, and even profitable.

The Automation Industry

The automation industry, which for decades focused on heavy industry, is now expanding to the service sector with exponential growth in volume. This major change is fuelled by several enabling technologies and sensor advancements, which have given birth to collaborative robots that can safely operate side by side with humans. Robots are not stealing their jobs, as the media scare tactics like to suggest, but rather fuelling productivity, making life easier and providing more opportunities and time to focus on the creative aspects of every role. Medicine, healthcare, transportation and other everyday services are the latest trending areas where collaborative robotics and AI are booming today.

What is Robolab?

Robolab is a service robotics company delivering major change in the food and beverages industry. They are selling cost-effective service robots for the hospitality and entertainment industry.

  • They have designed an autonomous bartending unit that is considerably faster and more capable than the regular human workforce in that position. With several advantages, it breaks through the usual bartending bottlenecks and turns losses into profits with ease.
  • The bartender of the future is called “Yanu” and has its own AI-powered soul that already knows a wide range of beverage recipes, communicates with customers, and once stocked, can perform its duties without human input.

The Vision

  • Robolab vision is to create a service robotics company that takes care of a number of problems in the service industry by pursuing robotics and AI development.
  • Robolab will offer B2B services including mplementation, installation, education, warranty and maintenance for companies operating in the service, hospitality and entertainment sectors willing to participate in the shift to automation for the benefit of everyone. Like any major technological revolution in history, this will also change the structure of society.
  • The first step along that highway is to set up a network of fully autonomous, AI-controlled units that are smaller, faster and cheaper while also offering intelligent companionship for customers.
    Robolab is aiming high but starting out with reasonable and achievable targets.

Robolab Target

Robolab aims to offer a cost-effective professional service robot designed for accommodation and food service activities in the hospitality sector. The proposed solution can automate everyday beverage mixing and serving activities while functioning autonomously as a stand-alone business unit. It overcomes labour-related bottlenecks in high-income economies, as it can replace human workers.

Market Issue

Many labour markets in high-income economies are currently facing structural changes (rising labour costs, shortages of suitable workers, etc.) caused by demographic and educational changes. Therefore, business owners often seek ways to automate repetitive and redundant tasks. These problems are especially acute in the service sector, where staff turnover and a lack of trained employees is almost overwhelming.

The Solution

  • The solution can automate beverage-mixing and serving activities while functioning as a stand-alone business unit. The unit replaces in a very effective way the classic, human-operated bar setup and helps businesses to overcome labour-related bottlenecks.
  • It decreases labour costs as it only needs some routine maintenance, no full-time workers, generates 10-15% less material loss as it features a more controlled serving process and eliminates the risk of error or theft, and increases productivity as one unit can replace up to four full-time workers.

Advantages of Robotics

The most remarkable benefits of robotic service units (RSUs) include:

  • A leaner serving process. Robotic precision ensures no accidental errors like false measuring.
  • The reduction of manual work. As robots only need regular maintenance, in most cases no full-time.
  • Increased security. Complete automation rules out errors or intentional theft. Customer identification algorithms can perform quick and accurate age verification.
  • Decreased labour costs. In some cases near zero labour costs.
  • Increased productivity. On an annual basis, the average output of one RSU equals to the manual work of four full-time workers.
  • 25% increase in weekly operating hours due to more flexible operating/run-time.
  • Increased quality. Machines offer consistent quality.
  • 10-15% less material loss on an annual basis due to improved (robotic) precision.
  • Lower rent fees because of more compact operating capabilities.
    The robotic solution that Robotics offer needs much less space to provide a comparable output and requires no additional space for labour.


Robolab is true believers in the many benefits of blockchain and crypto-currencies, and foresee that this change will provide several new ways to deliver huge increases in productivity to benefit everyone. The latest blockchain solutions help them to safely hold customer data, handle personal verification services and offer greater cooperation between players in a range of fields.
Robolab future network and token solution will facilitate such a communication and transaction revolution. All this in addition to the regular use of their tokens for discounted purchases of service robots, payments for services at hospitality enterprises or transportation hubs, and priority services at entertainment venues.

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