Crypto Currencies in e-commerce : Safex, bitbay and SysCoin

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Today I am going to share Some Important questions that I asked myself while investing in cryptocurrencies.
Under each question, I have written the answer that came to my mind , in response to that question.

Question No. 1 :
What has been the primary objective and use of currency throughout the history ?

Trade has always been the primary objective of currency.

Question No. 2 :
What kind of cryptocurrency should be of most significance in future ?

The cryptocurrency that will facilitate trade and commerce.

Question No. 3 :
What kind of trade will there be in future?

Online trade / e-commerce

Question No. 4 :
Which crypto currencies’ primary objective is e-commerce ?

Bitbay, SysCoin and Safex.

Note:- If you know of any other crypto currencies in field of e-commerce, please let me know about it in comments.

Question No. 5 :
Which is the best crypto currency in the field of e-commerce ?
Safex, Bitbay, SysCoin or any other coin ?

I would love to known which crypto currency is best in e-commerce, in your opinion. Please let me know your opinion in the comments.

Please feel free to let me know if your responses/ answers are different from mine. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Please do upvote, comment, resteem and follow.

Kind Regards


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I believe that what Safex is going to accomplish will be unparalleled. A privacy coin with a marketplace and dividends payed to its holders will make Safex one the most coveted coins in crypto world.


I totally agree with you. I believe, with the dividends given to holders, the success of Safex will turn it into a gold mine, for the holders.

I personally believe that Safex will be the best out of three you mentioned in you post, as out of all, its the online one with a milestone roadmap and sticking to it. Hopefully soon they will be launching their marketplace.


The best thing about safex is that it will pay dividends to the coin holders on the trade that will happen on safex market. Safex can be a potential gold mine.

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