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HeartBit is an high tech ECG monitoring device that is very advanced compared to other brands. You can now access health data, all thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to our products and systems.
Wearable fitness trackers that can be found around are just heart rate monitors, but HeartBit gives you a total ECG monitoring. This means that with this new innovation, a first time user can check their heart health in state of rest, recovery or physical activities. Another reason why this device is way ahead of its competitors is that it can diagnose any symptom under different conditions.
A lot of heart diseases do not show symptoms early.
A patient may visit the doctor for an ECG check-up and still not get the right diagnosis because the conditions responsible for the imbalance in their ECG may not be available as at when the check was done.
HeartBit makes use of a 3D-Bipolar ECG system which has been imbibed in our custom training wears.
This implies that the device can quantify ECG data from a 3 lead device using 4 electrodes. With theaid of the mathematical conversions via their custom algorithm, the system is able to give users or medical practitioners accurate data just as a 12 lead system would do.

Having studied the industry, HeartBit have come to realize that the idea of creating wearable fitness devices that can be monitored by the user is the next big thing seeing how much science and technology has evolved over the years.
These self-monitoring and fitness tracking ability has made it possible for consumers to fashion their exercise routines.
Although, HeartBit are looking at providing maximum pleasure to users who are more concerned about its efficiency than the ease it provides.
If more emphasis is placed on providing an easy to use device as against an efficient one; this may reduce its level of accuracy in data and also create relevant concerns in terms of safety during strenuous exercises.
Dr. Patel said that the diagnosis gotten from making use of a wearable fitness device may really not be the primary need of a first time user who wants to start an amateur level fitness routine.
This is simply implying that the intentions of the user may not be to generate medically-correct diagnosis out of the cardiovascular exercises but to create a program that will improve general activity levels.
In addition to this, if a first time user focuses on more activity instead of having activity goals, this would make companies prioritize on creating more routines instead of focusing on tracking to get the same result. Asides making users focus less on the competency level of the data, it seems sensible to also use these exact behavioral mechanisms to support their referral and marketing careers.

Wearable fitness gadgets are used by individuals with different health issues and its advanced users are the once who call for more features and help bring public attention to these products due to the way they use them. Advanced users are aware of the shortcomings of some recent devices when they check unpopular exercise combinations.
Take for instance a wheelchair athlete who goes to the market to get a current model of this device; he may assume features like posture and immobility of some parts of the body are signs of reduced level of activity.
Individuals with different health levels can and should use these wearable devices; advanced athletes should also give their consent. Due to lack of accuracy of new models of these devices in the market, there have been no validations lately.
With the high risk and low level of satisfaction in the industry shown by advanced athletes and individual users, it has created a void in the market which only a gadget that can give accurate results like the high tech devices normally seen in a doctor’s office can fill; adding convenience and portaility to gai the attention of existing users.
HeartBit has got all it takes to fill this void with its high tech ECG monitoring device thereby increasing health level of individuals worldwide and decreasing the amount of times people go to visit a doctor.
HeartBit is able to pull this off via directing their users towards a healthy way of life, in a profitable blockchain-based community.
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HeartBit whitepaper https://goo.gl/uL3VXe
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