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One of the ways of catching some fun, relaxation, entertainment or sourcing for important information or news is through the modern day digital devices and the internet technology.
One can conveniently watch his favorite movie or seasonal series without relying on video CD or DVD sets, public/private TV stations or even the pay-as-you watch channels by just a few clicks on the smart phone or mobile devices provided that there is the availability of a good internet service around.
Same goes with watching or listening to one's favorite song, live events and sports events, all these can be viewed in real time without being physically present in the particular location where the event is taking place or relying on the traditional media houses, all thanks to the improved and powerful digital devices alongside the disruptive internet technology. Activities and operations of media contents on the internet and digital devices is controlled, governed and sustained by majorly three categories of persons namely; content consumers, actual content providers (content providers) and consuming platforms (i.e IT platforms on which the end consumers can access the contents).
These categories of persons reeled out above play very vital roles in the circulation and life cycle of media contents on the internet network.
These different arms or units of premium digital content ecosystem all contribute immensely to the development and sustenance of the premium or paid digital content ecosystem hence any benefit accruing from the premium digital content world is supposed to be enjoyed by all of these three key players, however, this is not the case as at present because the current operational modalities of the digital content ecosystem is skewed in favor of the consuming platforms which uses vital data provided by content consumers in the cause of their content consumption process to earn profits and increase their sales without at least extending some hand of fellowship to the real content producers and content consumers who are equally vital players of the digital content world.

Having diagnosed that the issue of trust remains the stumbling block to a level playing ground in the premium digital content industry where benefits derived from data emanating from the major three players in this industry is being cornered and enjoyed by only a player or one arm of the industry i.e digital content consuming platforms; the Contents Protocol is poised to engage the disruptive, transparent and decentralized blockchain technology to create some fair and level playing ground in the digital content industry where all the major participants are compensated fairly with the revenues accruing from the industry so that every concerned participant would be left with a sense of belonging and also made to enjoy their real dignity of labor.
Contents protocol is not just concerned with adding more value to the digital content industry, however it is also poised to the spreading and popularization of the blockchain technology by actively engaging large budget content providers who already have large content consumers on their platform; this strategy of active participation of large budget content providers on Contents protocol platform help to boost the mass appeal and acceptance of this disruptive blockchain technology to the people.
On Contents Protocol platform, content consumers who purchase and use contents of the premium digital platform provide the valued data to the digital content ecosystem and these valued data are generated from consumer's reviews and comments on any content they viewed or used while these valued data are collated from the consumers and submitted to the Contents Protocol ecosystem by the review aggregator platforms. Consuming platforms get or acquire the contents from the content providers and make it available to the consumers via their IT facilities, in addition, the consuming platform also gather data such as viewing time and viewing frequency etc (which is referred to as consuming data) from the consumers which they make available to the Contents Protocol ecosystem.
Finally the content providers make use of the valued data provided by consumers and the consuming data provided by the consuming platform to improve the quality of their contents because all these two categories of data are centered around the performance or quality of the digital contents.
The Contents Protocol allows the three categories of players of the digital content ecosystem to make use of any data provided by any of the categories to boost its operations and services. Consumers of the Contents Protocol are compensated or rewarded by just engaging in review activities of digital contents and also by using or consumption of the digital contents of the platform which is not obtained in the contemporary or existing digital content platforms.

To fuel and sustain operations of the Contents Protocol, two utility tokens namely CPTs and CP Power is employed to achieve this aim. The CPT serves as the fundamental token of the platform and can be used for data usage fee, that is, content providers can use CPT to pay for consuming data from the consuming platforms while the CPT can equally be used to compensate content consumers, furthermore CPT is used to also pay content providers for having their contents on the platform. The CP Power, a special form of CPT can be activated to a certain percentage by the consumers to boost their compensation power while the content providers can equally activate the CP Power to a certain percentage in order to advertise their contents on the platform.

Contents Protocol plans to allocate 30% of its token supply for sales, however the Contents Protocol team is still following up the events in this tender age of development in the blockchain technology and will consequently announce to the public of its next line of action, which will be when a suitable and convenient blockchain protocol that’s in line with the philosophy of its project shall emerge.

As digital devices and internet technology is filling up the activities of the modern world, it would be nice to incentivize and add more motivation to activities obtained on digital and internet devices. This is the philosophy of the Contents Protocol - to add more value and incentivize activities of digital content consumption which it tends to achieve by the help of the disruptive blockchain technology.

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