Why does EOS ICO require registration after receipt of tokens ?

3년 전

If I send Ether to EOS ICO address I expect to receive tokens to my account and be able to send and sell them right after receipt.
Why do I have to go through additional registration to claim them ?
Is there a technical reason for that requirement ?
Shouldn't it be sufficient to just send Ether from Ether account to receive fully functioning tokens back to that Ether account ?

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What kind of registration are you referring to? Claiming tokens does not require registration, insofar I am aware.


I am referring to claiming tokens. Why can't I just receive them into my wallet and send to exchange ? Why do I have to claim them ?


This has to do with how Ethereum works. Cannot change this. Sorry, mate.

EOS has already gone to market and their ICO is over, so not sure what is happening your side


Re: "EOS has already gone to market and their ICO is over" what are you talking about ? EOS ICO will last one year. Only initial (and most profitable) round has finished.


the platform i trade on (HitBTC) has EOS under the BTC tab and Etehreum tab instead of where it used to be in the ICO tab hence why i thought the ICO was done, if it is not then apologies but you can see why i thought so

My understanding is that EOS token will not be compatible with ERC20 after 48hours of ICO closing. So there is separate transfer network for EOS tokens.


Do you mean first 48 hours after 365 days of ICO ?

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