Are you pushing forward with Jeff and the AltCoin Army?

4년 전

This is a video for those of you up late looking to talk a bit of crypto. We talk altcoins and give a shout out to a few people on the team and a shout out to those of you on the Altcoin Army, who weathered the last week with a mature outlook on the market.

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heyy.. Love your videos guys..
Initially I was a little skeptical with electroneum ... but with the current progress and twitter interactions and the Altcoin Armys love for it i finally bought in ... it comprises 15% of my portfolio now

Cheers :)


thanks steemaze!

Hey guys, I have been a long-time subscriber and you guys have been nothing but spot on. You guys have helped me grow my portfolio to a huge degree and I love what you guys are providing for the world of cryptocurrency. Thank you for the market update and I am looking forward to watching the next video!