How To Trade Confidently and Profitably

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Read Reminiscences of a Stock_Operator

A trader I follow on cryptotwitter shilled me this book. It has already improved my trading. It is incredible how a powerful lesson you've learned seems so simple when finally understood. Maybe it was just time for it to finally click.

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Trading wisdom from the turn of the 19th century that still holds true to today - Pay attention to underlying conditions of the overall market

You should definitely read this book if you are new to trading. These are some of the better paragraphs, but for it to sink in, invest a little time in reading the book and I'm sure it will pay off.

here is one more great paragraph:

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Wow. It's the whole book in pdf. Nice. I was in LA about two years ago when I flipped a coin: learn Crypto or learn Options. I went downtown and there's a great bookstore I think it's called, "The Last Book Store". I could look it up, but I'd rather just remember walking to a corner with a window looking over the LA streets and sitting with This Exact Book and some other one that Warren Buffet recommended. This one was interesting though, if not for the history itself. I did not have enough money to buy the book. So I read it until close to closing time. I have gone back and forth on tading. I started with Then And started trading binaires on Nadex and Marketwatch. I was so happy when I would be up $10 for a day. I looked into forex and still don't understand margin.

Finally, one day out of the blue I signed up for bittrex just to have a btc address for a contest and btckyle gave me my first bitcoin. I think it was $5 bucks worth. Funny because I walked away from Bitcoin in OccupyChicago. I won't get political now. I turned down the Viking's offer one time for a Bitcoin but I will always be thankful for his generosity and cheer. I met you in steemspeak. I learned from you all. I got better at trading cryptos and still kept an eye on forex. Someday hope to go full circle and sink 10, 20K into Options. Maybe just Bitcoin Options. Til then, it's books like this that keep things interesting.

Thank you for sharing. Its as important as "How to Read A Chart" if not more so. It puts Roger Ver & McAfee's stage time in perspective. It's a reminder that if I messed up, I have a chance to zen meditate and learn, write notes, and remember. I followed the Bitcoin "crash" and Bounce live on video and posted to my account. I'm glad I did that and I'm glad I did not freak out. All will be well. I sat tight. SIt tight.
Thank you for sharing this helpful reminder.

ps, i like the new account :)


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"Be right. Sit tight. " That is my new crypto trading mantra. Thanks for sharing.

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