Ripple, the next big thing in cryptocurrency !

4년 전

Waww a huge increase in price of ripple in the last 2 days and I do think that it's only the beginning, It's a coin that a lot of

the biggest banks in the world are using right now for faster and cheaper wire transfers. I think that in 2018, it could be the

next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. Just right it's the 4th crypto that has the biggest market cap below bitcoin

ethereum and bitcoin cash. Even if this currency is centralized, I think ripple have a lot of potential for the future.

What do you guys think about this one ?

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To me Ripple feels impure, It is controlled by the banking institutions which goes against what I believe is one of the main tenets of Cryptocurrency. Also the price is overvalued right now if you want to buy I would suggest waiting.

I think it might rise above a dollar briefly for an short term swing trade wouldn't be a bad idea to much momentum to stop it now. Also I think it's a great cryptocurrency being adopted by banks which is always a good thing unless they start to have to much influence which hasn't happened yet. Cheers!