More FUD.


Reserve bank of India has joined China and many other countries that have been trying to ban Bitcoin & crypto for probably the 20th time. But they don't realize that BTC and crypto is not going away, Fiat is!

On April 5th RBI stated that financial institutions in India can no longer provide services to anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies. Though they always say we are all in for blockchain technology but not Bitcoin. Well Bitcoin is the first Blockchain, so chill!

So what are your thoughts peeps, How y' all going to buy/sell crypto...

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I can't take any more Fud, it's too much :(


yeah man, its like china every other day its bitcoin ban. Other countries are following too lol

This is the time that most should be taking to LEARN about crypto, instead of just buying the top app on the AppStore. If they knew better they would clearly see this is just the Patient taking from the Impatient right now.


Now cannot buy alr mate even Singapore kinda banning it too...Will be difficult to buy ..well well..

Whether they like it or not, they will not have power to ban bitcoin and crypto. In Nigeria here the government don't support it at all due to their own selfishness. I will watch the video again to learn more on that news. Thanks for updating


Cheers bro, yeah it saddening but they cant do anything. crypto is the future. No doubt

I pray They wont succed in trying to bring down cryptos and bitcoin

I have to buy some bitcoins. But I do not know this. What is the loss in the government? I only see profit in this. Because we buy bitcoin at a lower price and sell it at a higher price.