Airdrop Series , Introducing Airdrop : "Entle✨"

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This post is part of a series onCryptocurrency , Airdrops or ICOs and latest news about them , I will share my findings about coins , altcoins , tokens and News about Airdrop or ICOs . Be careful I don't tell you buy or don't buy , participate or do not participate , I just put the news , my suggestions and findings about digital currencies
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Dear Steemians

As I said before I will post Good suggestions of Airdrops in my posts for you :)

✨Suggestion Airdrop : Entle✨

Bounos : 60 $ + 60 $ ref

Validity : High - strong

Description :

In fact, the AirPort is a mobile app that is non-centralized, such as steemit
This app is now downloadable and downloaded for 400,000 times
It was like the first day of the day of steemit that gave free 100 token
First, take part in our telegram robot and take 100 tokens and enter your email to ✨This Link ✨

IF you want to know what is an Airdrop and how you can participate in it read my Post that I've published before


If You Wanna Go With Me Into Crypto Currency World and if You wanna know Latest News about AirDrops and ICOs and Cryptocurrency Click On The Icon Below , I will publish my next posts soon

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