Introducing ICO : Ico Ceek renowned as Superstars Ico, ( Katy Perry and Lady Gaga) has been Started ๐ŸŒ€

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Dear Steemians

Introducing ICO : Ceek ๐ŸŒ€

Points in icobench : 4.4 of 5
Points in icomarks: 8.9 of 10

Start date : 26.3.2018
End date : 16.4.2018

Token name : Ceek
Platform : Ethereum
Token price : 0.15 - 0.5 $

Total Token: 1,000,000,000
Token number for sale: 5,00,000,000
Softcap (at least selling): 20,000,000 $
Hardcap (maximum sale): 50,000,000 $

Sales description:
Sales to whitelist members were priced at $ 0.15 to $ 18 million on February 4, and almost filled softcap. Subsequently, the site temporarily delayed sales due to strict US rules against cryptos. Soon, by email, it announced to its members that we will soon begin to sell at a price of $ 0.15 and the final price will be $ 0.5 at the public sale.

Name of country of origin: USA
Identity verification (kyc): yes

Airdrop : Had got
Refraval: YES

Strong idea
Strong team;
Road Map: Strong

Description :

Ceeck is an active vendor of virtual products that has been active in the sale of vr products and augmented reality headsets since 2016. By creating tokens, the company is attempting to create a system for paying participants for various entertainments, and to those who use this service with the Token, such as participating in augmented reality concerts and augmented reality computer games and other augmented reality activities. The company, which is active under the name of megadeth in the arena, won the grammyaward and clioaward awards in 2017. It also works with large and international companies like Tmobile # iTunes. He also performed several concerts with celebrities such as Kattyperry, Ludacris, and Ladygaga ....
Another important factor in the validity of this icon. Selling its products on Amazon, as well as the ability to download the company's mobile app on Google Play and Apple Store, which represents a large part of the roadmap. You can also go to the site and read trusted magazine interviews like CNN, Forbs, cointelegraph, bloomberg and several other media


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