Introducing some Coins that can be high-income

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Dear Steemians

This article introduces some Coins that can be high-income
Of course, I think the COSS and ICON exchanges Should be in a higher position

These sixteen currencies are arranged in priority order;

1- neo
2- kucoin
3- Ark
4- pivx
5- sia
6- vchain
7- modum
8- coss
9- stellar
10- icon
11- smartcash
12- bridgecoin
13- neblio
14- komodo
15- navcoin
16- decred

This list is not fixed, and maybe just two other three months remain in the list
The currencies that I think will be on this list and are now in the ICO stage and will have a good future after the end of the ICO, including the following currencies:

1- nex
2- ubcoin
3- nycpher



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I can see some smart choices in those coins.

We may share the same ideas about those coins but I definitely agree with you on those ICOs especially ubcoin, It has great potentials and I actually did a review on it a few days. Another ICO to look at is CryptoLux.


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