UH-OH...!?!?!?!? Alt. Coins are...CRASHING...Including STEEM (What to Do? What to Do???)


What to do? Well, that of course depends upon what your personal basic plan, expectation, vision, risk, available funds and a whole host of other factors currently sit...


I might be a fool, but I've got some BUY orders in...Yes...even for STEEM...

After all...the old tried and true advice for any market is to Buy Low - Sell High for better success; right?

Okay...okay...I know; there are some other strategies as well, but why complicate things? All you Hodlers know what I'm talking about here...your frown is lightened by the fact that you are now able to acquire additional shares for a lot less money, thus, still growing your portfolio in the holding column.

Fortunately, I'm not in need of cashing out for some lingering debt pay-off...PHEW...but, I know some of you are, and my heart goes out to you. For that reason, it is my hope that you can hold on long enough for the market to re-bound before your assets get confiscated by the Sheriff or creditors :>0

Worse...before you get thrown out of your home and have to pitch a tent on the sidewalk of LA, Seattle or Portland...

Oh...I know that there are a few Techies out there too who's bigger than average salary never seemed to compensate enough for the exceedingly higher cost of living in the right neighborhood... I DO feel empathy for you guys as well...perhaps more so...

You Techie people are actually in the 'Outsider' group, or 'Party' (as it is sometimes called) but, you THINK that you're on the INSIDE; YOU'RE NOT.

Insiders (the real BIG boys) are the Venture Capitalists and Mega Corporate start-up boys. Some of you average Silicon Valley types already know this...some of you suspect that you may be, and others don't even have a clue, because they are receiving much higher than average wages and FEEL sort of well off.

You guys are doing much better than the average nine-to-five Joe or Jill...or 'Jack and Jill' ( a little humor kicked in there for the more intellectually astute crowd) BUT...don't allow yourself to be fooled into thinking the Oligarchs have you and your families best interest in heart...

You're simply NOT part of their CLUB...

TECHNOCRACY!?!?!?!? Probably NOT the Utopian state of plethora you think it is.

Do your research my friends...don't forget to sneak in those little hidden back doors while coding for the master especially you AI crowd...You may need to undo something that you helped create in the not to distant future. (Shushhhhhhh...be silent about it too...you ole White Hat ninjas...)

I'm outta here...See ya when I see ya.


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Image: Probably from Pexels.com
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Great time to buy more steem while it is very low it price if you have money to use.

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Yes...but even better when/if it goes below nine cents :>)


True as long as it comes back up somewhat soonish.

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