"A major threat to the Korean exchange" - Chinese capital floods crypto murks.

3년 전

All the crypto exchanges and IOCs have been shut down by following the Cryptoquarecia crackdown in China, which has become the Korean market for opportunity for Chinese investors' cryptocrown space, which in Korea expresses concern that their local crypto trading industry may be influenced by Chinese investors.

After strict sanctions determined by the Chinese government, more than one Chinese-funded exchange was found in Korea such as Xenx, Oke CEO and Gate.Io. Investor Jenx, a exchange that is connected to Beijing and Jeans Chiesing Crypto / Blockchain Media Outlet, is now based in Korea, the biggest Internet security company in China, 360. The 18th largest exchange in the world, Gate. IO, is a Chinese exchange that started operation in Korea this month, and last month he entered the currency market.

The crypto-trading and awareness in Korea is increasing gradually and there is no strict rule in the country regarding the establishment of cryptoconces exchange at this time, it is an attractive alternative to China's business which is looking for near-house regulatory housings.@ausharyaBitcoin-chart-KB-768x512.jpg

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