Volunteer Icono Promoter John McAfee says he released a physical Cryptocurrency

3년 전

Volunteer Cyber ​​Security Priority and Initial Commodity Offer (ICO) promoter John McAfee said that he was publishing a cryptrochrist named "McAfee Redemption Unit" (MRU).

Currency declared on Twitter and MacAppee are considered distinct from the McAfee currency in the next interview with Regional Outlet Crypto News News, which appears in the beginning of last year with a little market demand and is no longer a functional website.

There are seven disciplines in physical notes, from 1 to 500 Mru. The notes of the four notes of the note show the pictures of the McAfee at different stages, of which it is surrounded by women, its nose covered with white powder (this is a screenshot from this video). In the other three MRU notes, Bitman founder Jihan U, Cryptozer's entrepreneur Brock Pearce, and Bitcoin dot More owner (and Bitcoin Cash Promotor) show pictures of Roger Vera. It is not clear if these three figures allow the release of their reflections on the MRU note.

He said that the currency will have a blocking element (why not?) Which will allow notes to be converted to fee (for fee) to return the MRU holders to MRU Foundation.

The initial value of each MRU is $ 9.95 and may be free for a one-minute person meeting with McAfee (yes, they're stable). McAfee said that 341,000 MRU notes of different prices were printed, with a total market value of 6,050,000 Mru and a $ 60 million free market cap.@ausharyajohn-mcafee-Wiki-768x513.jpg

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