BABB hosts BAXmas!

5년 전

Last night we held our BAXmas party — a Christmas meetup with a valuable panel discussion about the BABB project and our mission to decentralise banking.

Thanks so much to everyone joined us on Level39. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. There was a great buzz in the room and the BABB team had plenty of insightful conversations with people interested in our project.

Our panel — Rushd Averroes (CEO and Founder of BABB), Ricardo Abreu (Consulting Manager at Accenture and BABB adviser) and Asif Faruque (Head of Content at Level39), moderated by Paul Johnson, got to grips with plenty of pressing subjects.

We heard from Rushd about why it’s so important to plug the unbanked population into the global economy, and the wider impacts of bringing more people into the banking system. From boosting small businesses to strengthening international relations, BABB’s aim is achieving deep financial and social integration through providing P2P banking services.

Ricardo regaled the audience with deep insights into the fintech industry’s customer-centric future. Asif added that the future of the entire tech industry lies in the strength of companies’ values and their commitment to ethical practise.

The panel discussion also covered the hot topic of token sales (or ICOs) and what the advantages are for both startups and participants.After a quick-fire Q&A session we broke out for discussion and networking all together. Our awesome DJ, Alice, was laying down some laid back Monday-evening beats, the wine was flowing and the cheese boards and mince pies proved very popular.

We finally got to meet in person with some of fans of our project who we’ve been chatting to for months on Telegram.

But best of all, we had inspiring conversations with loads of people, getting their thoughts and feedback on the BABB project. Thanks so much to everyone for coming — we had an awesome evening and we hope you did too.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next London meetup. It will be sometime in January and, if the rumours are to believed, will feature some pretty famous faces from the crypto world. See you there!

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