BABB token sale

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Essential information for all token sale participants

BABB token sale goes live Tuesday 6 February at 12pm GMT.

Key details

  • 10 billion BAX tokens for sale at $0.0012
  • First 1 billion tokens sold at 15% discount
  • Hard cap $12 million
  • Minimum transaction limit 0.2 ETH
  • Max individual cap 8 ETH (first 24 hours)
  • Max 3 ETH worth of discounted tokens available per person (not guaranteed; when they’re gone, they’re gone)
  • Caps to be reviewed after 24 hours, if tokens remain
  • ETH contributions only
  • We recommend you use 200,000 Gas limit and 50 GWEI, but please double check the instructions in the dashboard when you log in

Fraud warning

You may be aware that many recent token sales have had issues with scams and fraud. This typically involves someone impersonating BABB and asking you to send funds to an ETH address which has nothing to do with us.

The only ETH address you should send funds to is your unique participation address, which will appear when the token sale goes live at 12pm GMT, Tuesday 6 February. To see your ETH address, you need to log into your account at Always check the URL is correct.

If you send ETH to any address other than the one on your dashboard, you won’t receive BAX tokens and your ETH will be lost. We will NEVER publish an ETH address in Telegram, in emails or on social media. We will NEVER ask you to send ETH anywhere other than the address in your dashboard.

Telegram mute period

This community is large, vibrant and growing — which is awesome. However, it means the group will be very noisy at the time of the token sale launch. This makes it harder for us to keep you up to date, and spot fraudsters.

We have decided to mute the BABB Community Telegram group, starting from 11:30am GMT on Tuesday 6 February. You won’t be able to post messages after this time, but we will be able to talk to you.

The only visible posts during the mute period will be from the BABB team and AmaZix admins. We will be posting regularly to keep you informed about all updates and possible problems. You’ll have all the information you need.

During the Telegram mute period:

  • Any message you write will be deleted automatically and instantly
  • If you write more than three messages, you will be banned automatically
  • No admin will send you a personal message or secret chat
  • If you receive a message from someone claiming to be a BABB or AmaZix team member (unless you message us and we reply) IT IS A SCAM
  • Admins will try to respond to personal messages, but please be patient

If you have a problem, concern or question during the mute period, please read the posts from admins to find the information you need.

The mute period will end once we decide the group is quiet enough to be manageable, but if necessary it may continue until the end of the token sale.

If you still need to speak to someone, you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter and by emailing

Token sale timeline

What’s going to happen and when… (all times in GMT)

Tuesday 6 February 

10:00am: You get an email from us about how to participate.

11:30am: Telegram mute period begins. You can no longer post messages.

11:59am: Token sale registration closes. You can no longer register/KYC.

12:00pm: Token sale opens. Your ETH address appears on your dashboard.

Wednesday 7 February

10:00am: You get an email from us with updates.

12:00pm: Individual max caps are increased/lifted (TBC)

How to buy BAX

To buy BAX in the BABB token sale, you need to first register at and pass KYC checks.You will find full instructions on your dashboard once the token sale opens and you can also read about how to participate here.


No doubt, the token sale will be busy. We have put the following measures in place to help it go smoothly:

  • Website infrastructure has been scaled up to ensure it can handle at least 50,000 simultaneous visitors.
  • We will process transactions within 12 blocks after they have been confirmed. Check for your transaction — once you see 12 blocks in there, it’ll be confirmed within a matter of seconds.
  • We recommend you use 200k Gas limit and 50 GWEI, but check out the instructions next to your unique address at
  • We have implemented an 8 ETH cap which we have calculated should give everyone the chance to get in with their intended participation.

However, if there is a delay, please take a deep breath, put a pot of coffee on and come back in 10 mins to read the latest updates in Telegram.

Thanks for all your support — it’s great to have you with us.

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In 2 hours Token Sale starts.

nice project. so interest

Yes this is nice! BAX will soon moon! after it hits another big exchange earlier! :)

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