Speaking to Steemit influencer @stellabelle

5년 전

In this interview our head of marketing @anialexander talks to Leah Stella Stephens.

They discuss @stellabelle 's journey on Steemit and the world of crypto. Her views on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

We hope you enjoy it!

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@stellabelle :) you're looking so Beautiful ..


yes she does )

Good interview Leah.


yup - she rocked it!

Awesome you two!

Great interview!
I've been waiting for another post to resteem from you guys!

Very nice project , #BABB is the best one


thank you )

Thanks for this - two intelligent ladies shining bright :) New here, why did I not hear of this months back? - rhetorical question as the answer is plain to me - I have been living in a vacumn for far too long! You guys inspire me! I am an artist/writer/lightworker with a unique message to share. I have been banging on for ages on other platforms with limited success and after only several weeks sense that I have found my new home. I already love the sense of community and generosity of folks. I invite you to visit my page and thank-you. Be well xox