5 Best Crypto Categories Under Innovation part V

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NXT is the best and fastest crypto currency of the open source type. Crypto uses an advanced tool that allows better functionality than other crypto-based Blockchain currencies. Established in 2013, the NXT digital currency uses proof of ownership for its transactions.

NXT helps support many third-party apps. What makes it different from other crypto currencies is, NXT does not involve mining. The NXT platform is based on Transparent Forging, a unique algorithm in the Proof-of-Stake protocol.
PoS features make NXT a currency that can present anonymity while ensuring security. NXT is not like Bitcoin because of its minimal processing power. NXT can be processed even using Smartphone, thus making it really energy efficient.

The Future of NXT
Because NXT uses unique code for its base, its features are more flexible and have higher growth potential.

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