Trezarcoin: 1 year later


Trezarcoin (TZC) after 1 year.

The software is stable, reliable, runs continuously without crashing, and is updated as needed. It was released in a nearly perfect state by an experienced coin developer, so development may appear slower than other coins. They are focused on developing products and services based on TZC for real-world applications.

Retire with 66k

Based on the values I've seen, an investment of $66,000 would pay out $1,000 in interest each month.

The Good

If the price of TZC rises, an initial low investment could be brought up to this level or above.
Like Bitcoin, the block value will be cut in half over time.

The Bad

If the value of TZC drops, your monthly income could suffer.
If the value of TZC holds steady, you may need to save some or all of your reward.


Cryptopia may have taken 2-4 million TZC with it when it went down. (Edit: The author says 16 million TZC were on the Cryptopia address.) Depending on what happened, these coins may be lost. Bad if you lost coins. Good if you want to get in on an investment.

My actions

I've continued to hold, other than selling small amounts of coins here and there.

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