Decentraland: Blockchain VR property at $170k a plot - Interview with the founders

2년 전

Decentraland is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. It was a very successful ICO, and now it is becoming a successful project too. There is so much that can be done in this space.

To kick off our series of interviews with the founders of the most interesting blockchain projects we bring you our Decentraland interview. We've got more lined up, so please do like & subscribe if so we can continue producing these.

Here's the interview

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I guess if you can sell stuff there than it does make sense. Looks like I will probably be priced out of it. lol Maybe Steem can come up with something similar.


please give my speak


Yes, it seems to have a lot of interest as commercial real estate. Even if the most expensive real estate costs $170k at present, it can be cheap if you go for the non-prime areas


I guess people will be conducting business there as well. FYI you might want to sign up for Dust sweeper and use your SBD/Steem Dollars to get Steem Power or use bots.

Decentraland is a fantastic project! Blockchain verified virtual land?!?!? We're in! Most of our members now hold Mana as part of their portfolio and our group even has some land there so we can meet in VR one day instead of Telegram, lol. Here's a link to BINANCE if anyone still needs to grab some Mana. Cheers!

Great interview guys, was a good video.


Thanks. It took enough time & effort, was hoping it'd have some value

It's a great product, and has great ticker MANA.

Only time will tell.


Yes, after meeting the team I'm sold on it too

Great interview, and really excited about this project. VR is going to be HUGE in a couple years, and by that time Decentraland will likely be a robust platform already.


Thanks. I think even without VR Decentraland has a decent shot at success. But yes, if VR does blow up then they're well positioned to ride that wave too

Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to put this together. I have been curious to learn more about this ICO and the virtual properties that are being sold. Very interesting times. I need some digital property!


Glad you liked it. I gotta say I was impressed by the concept & implementation after talking to them too, after thinking about it I believe the concept of digital scarcity is one of the killer applications of blockchain. Probably in the top 3, being:

  1. remittance
  2. timestamping (proof of originality)
  3. digital scarcity / tracking

I was a great interview <3 Keep going :) Good Luck

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