Steemish Gets Listed Makes Waves Available Soon.

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In case you missed some of the biggest news in 2018 let me tell you about Steemish and how it will change your life.

Maybe not drastically change your life but it should help make your Steemit life worth living! Many know that we started a movement that impacts minnows greatly. The communtity is growing and helping Steemians grow. Members are starting to share with their friends and family and many people are joining groups and find more support than ever before for their posts.


One of the main reasons it is working so well is that instead of competing for millions of posts on Steemit members can quickly sort through other members posts and support each other. Another reason it is growing so fast is that beyond getting some extra upvotes on posts people are making real connections with real people. This is really lost in the world today and the Social Portal at help people connect and build relationships that extend of course to Steemit but maybe even outside of this realm. is for serious minded minnows looking to gain some attention for their posts and find support for the passions. Sure offers some tools and how to guides but beyond that there is a whole world of excitement waiting for each and everyone of you.

Have you dreamed about being a whale or owning a whale account one day?

What if I told you that the secret behind our success is that each minnow is about to get that opportunity?
Recently we launched Steemish an ERC20 Ethereum BlockChain Token that will allow each minnow and member to fuel their own longterm growth by funding a super charged whale pool.

When Minnows Unite They Can!

We have 6 accounts that are slowly but surely getting charged up. Our Soon To Be Whale Team has a secret... They are programmed to support members of when members use the auto share feature. Additionally these accounts love people that purchases Steemish tokens even more.

Unlike other pools where if you donated and they decide later you are not following the rules and boot you out and you walk away with nothing, allows members to purchase Steemish tokens soon to be able to be traded on Radex, the most futuristic Ethereum exchanges to date with simplistic ease of use! You always have something to show for your support! Plus we have almost no rules.

We coded in things that help reduce abuse like the Auto Curation Specialists Will Only Vote For Your Posts So Many Times Per Day So That You Don't Spam It. Or If you are creating content and earning rewards on and you decide to spam the only bot we have will start automatically deducting your Steem That Tokens. If you hit zero you have just banned yourself as you have to be logged in to buy more or earn more! Plagarism can get flagged on both platforms so just don't do it. But Your Steemish Ethereum BlockChain Tokens Are Kept Safe Where Ever You Store Them.

Things you need to know right now to get started:

See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
No Pre-Mined Tokens
Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Community Social Portal (The Future of Crypto Just Ask Telegram)

MyEtherWallet (download isn't required)
MetaMask ( Recommended Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
There are other options too these are just super easy ones to get started with.

STISH Token ICO Page Is Located Here:
STISH White Paper, Road Map** Is Located Here:

Traded Soon On The Radex Exchange:
Rados Forum Here:

We will launch our Token Event Soon With Waves Of Discounts... Stay Tuned...

More and More People Are Joining The Fight To Help Steemians Grow! Join Them Today @

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