[B brother who beat the big market] Both surnamed B, why is the pattern gap so large, BM wants to buy dozens of suites in Hong Kong, value-added cash? !

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EOS faces the same potential risks. There are rumors that BM will leave the team after the main online line. If BM leaves the team after the main online line in early June, it will have a significant negative impact on EOS's community support and project development.
EOS is an operating system for the blockchain industry. It provides developers with low-level functions, including parallel operations, databases, account systems, and more. EOS is a master of BM's technology and ideas. It uses the DPOS mechanism to govern the community and introduces the concept of arbitration. And up to 100,000 TPS and super-level scalability will complete the performance of centralized server for the first time in the history of blockchain technology

Once a venture capitalist said: The cow must invest in the third venture because he has failed twice.

BM plays the role of soul figure in the EOS project development process, just like the relationship between Jobs and Apple. Some people say that BM's character has problems, but BM's ability is unquestionable. If BM leaves EOS in the future, it is bound to be It is a big loss to EOS.

EOS falls into a crisis of trust

I often hear people in the group questioning where the money EOS has raised. In the early morning, someone posted a message below Chen Weixing:

Chen Jiwei, I am very curious about how much eos actually needs to do the public chain? Billions of dollars, rockets???? have come out. Where did you go! ! ! !

Chen Weixing replied as follows:

Chen: I made an investment to make money. I heard that Hong Kong bought a bunch of houses.

Xiaobian checked the price of Hong Kong:

Up to 16W per square meter, EOS raised $6 billion to buy 247,500 square meters. I don't know what piles Chen Weixing refers to. How many sets?

EOS's main online line has become a watershed, and many small partners have taken EOS for their beliefs, but they have been confused. Node elections are slow, the main online line is postponed, the network is vulnerable, and so on. It can keep EOS cool for many times, but now it seems that EOS is still strong. Compared with Bitcoin who died so many times, EOS is also considered to be a battle.

BM recently said suddenly that he felt that EOS's previous constitution was not reliable and intended to delete the existing EOS constitution and then change it into a new one. To tell the truth, this move is simply a shock to those of us who eat melons, saying that the good is the constitution and that it can be changed. Well, we must also look like everyone to vote for it.

Claims: BM is more than 80% likely to cool EOS.

Three major risk points of EOS in the near future:

The recent oscillation is fierce, and the risk of leverage trading is huge.

The overall trend of EOS has a short-term downward trend. A larger price drop may trigger further panic, causing greater price volatility and exacerbating leveraged trading risks.

The overall trend of the EOS market trading curve is in the rising range, but there is a risk of short-term correction. At the same time, the amplitude of the EOS is huge, and the risk of leverage trading is intensified.

Founder BM to stay in the future, affecting investor confidence

Daniel Larimer, the soul of EOS, is well-known in the industry, and both the BTS (bit stocks) and STEEM developed successfully before EOS. However, BM left after the project was successfully developed, and the two projects reduced their focus after they left.

EOS faces the same potential risks. There are rumors that BM will leave the team after the main online line. If BM leaves the team after the main online line in early June, it will have a significant negative impact on EOS's community support and project development.

Major technological innovations have not been implemented as expected

The main technical innovation of EOS is to solve the current low transaction frequency and transaction congestion problem, but the latest test version of TPS is lower than expected.

At present, the transaction frequency supported by Ethereum and other public chains is very low (20 to 30 per second), and transaction congestion often occurs, which restricts the commercialization of blockchain projects. The innovation of EOS is precisely to solve this problem.

Why change the constitution

The real reason behind this is the arbitration on the EOS network. Speaking of this is interesting, the 21 super nodes selected found that the account suspected of stealing money through the phishing website, and then frozen these accounts. This matter just came out, basically the entire EOS community was blown up.

There is a core arbitration forum in the EOS system. Its arbitration process is basically consistent with the actual court: when the user submits a request, the arbitration committee will make a judgment based on the existing evidence. According to the complexity of the case, the arbitration committee will usually send 1-3. The arbitrators form the arbitral tribunal, which is responsible for approving the case, and feedbacks the results to the corresponding users. Finally, the judgment is submitted according to the information submitted by both parties, and the final judgment result is sent to the corresponding user's eos account.

Originally this was a relatively complete arbitration process, but this time the 21 super nodes seem to have no bird at all, but directly open the partnership, to freeze other people's accounts, it seems to have violated the constitution. He wants to make EOS a complete decentralized self-made system. There are constitutions, administrative departments, arbitration institutions, etc., and the common thinking of code and people brings new ideas to the development of blockchain.

Some people say that EOS has a very good story, but now that the story is over, everyone finds that the real world is not so beautiful. But whoever did not make a mistake, BM is not a god, nor can it see all the problems.

The development of Bitcoin and Ethereum is also completed through several iterations. It is just that the times are different. EOS has acquired a very high market value when the main network is not on the line. It really belongs to picking up cars on the expressway, so it is difficult to get a ride.

This may be temporary. I can only hope that BM can sort out the overall structure of EOS as soon as possible, and avoid such low-level mistakes, so that EOS ecosystem can develop better.

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