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Coin today has an announcement that it is engaged in another currency security platform and can be traded in the currency, but it cannot be opened to climb the ladder.

Market magnates and exchanges are more eager to get a bull market than our retail investors.

I heard a joke today, the new admission said that CX coins earned money, and the altcoin did not make any money.

In fact, this is the case. Most of the altcoins are falling, and almost no one can make money. Redemption does not believe that it will continue to fall, even if it will be held in July, salvation is not believed.

The capitalist is only profitable. If this circle is given up, I don’t believe in killing it. Besides, if the retailer is going to play CX coins, the currency circle will only become more and more bad reputation, so it is impossible to analyze the light from the currency security behavior and the market logic. Straight down.

In other words, there must be a big rise, so we operate this way. If the market has a big advantage, everyone will chase it and pursue it boldly. If not, wait!

Right, just talking to people in the team, that is, EOS platforms can not charge coins to collect coins, why is there not much difference in the price of each platform?????

There is no price gap between the general platforms, but EOS is not a coin, but the price is not much different. This tells everyone that you are clearly arranged!!!!!!!! !!!

The logic analysis of salvation is inconvenient, but the result is that everyone is buying and doing the next laugh!

PS: Futures can become rich overnight, but you can also become poor overnight. There is no teacher to bring it to you. However, the average teacher refuses to take this because there is no energy and you need to be real-time. The currency circle has a single futures charge, AK charges more than ten thousand one month, the space wing is also biased for tens of thousands of months, in short, Tai Hang .....

If the market is not good, analyze the bits:11121860-f8570490d5aaeae8.jpg

Hotlink teacher's bit market analysis:

Bodhi teacher: On the daily level, last night fell below the 6000 mark, the market bulls' confidence was obviously insufficient, the trading volume continued to shrink, the moving average continued to empty, and the divergence angle showed signs of becoming larger, and then came from the two-hour level. Look, the daytime market is a technical repair, due to the early decline caused by excessive repair, the probability of continued decline at night is large, the long-term opportunities are limited, it is recommended to wait and see.

Currency sniper Xinghai teacher: 2 hours analysis: After a round of decline, the market has stopped falling. After the pin is inserted, it does not pull out a very full positive line, and it is closer to the zero line in 1 hour and 2 hours, although Now that the red pillar is slowly shrinking, we see that after trading, trading volume is much larger than before (only by comparison). At present, the hour is a very standard stop-slip pattern. There are more than 4 Yangxian and Yinxian lines. The cross star, mainly the Yang line, is now a long and short battle. Currently, it is not possible to perform operations. The pressure above is 6100.

In view of the timeliness and effectiveness of the market, follow-up redemption only recommends one currency at a time, and it is updated from time to time. Please do your own three principles! Before the redemption article is updated, the redemption has stopped or the profit has been withdrawn, but you can't see the redemption article.

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