Bitcoin Scaling

3년 전

There it goes again on Bitcoin Scaling, this time its on a positive note. According to certain news, over more than 80% are with Segwit2x activation.

However, I am still skeptical about the end result. On 1st August the status will be clear as where does bitcoin stand.

This is a recent update of chaos and confusion on scaling. All stakeholders should work and agree for bitcoin's survival, not on vested goals & interest.

What do you think, what precautions should we take, is it safe to stay where it is?!

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I think we should adopt networks like Steem and BitShares that not only have reasonable throughput capabilities now, but have systems in place to evolve and improve their technology in the future without the mess we've seen in Bitcoin. Even Ethereum has major scaling problems already, and we're nowhere near mainstream adoption of any cryptocurrency network.


Bingo! You are right, that's what I think too, however I haven't done any business with BitShares so far. 👍

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