Buying Steemit coins.

3년 전

Hi everyone!

What do you think investment on Steemit coins?

Is this the right time to buy some coins and sit tight or a wait and watch approach would be better.

Or do you have something else in mind?

Past couple of days Cryptocurrencies are falling in price and so is the Market Cap. There seems to be a flippening relation with bitcoins. This is very interesting and consuming if one keeps following the market trends.

Nevertheless, some of the cryptos are gaining crazy valuations, what it seems to many left confused on where and what to invest? Bitcoin's Scaling debate is one reason.

Second many anticipate investing in altocoins would bear fruits on a later date. However not all are fruits with sweet taste, there could be plenty with sour taste. Some of Cryptocurrency experts points at fundamental working of the coins and its future sustainability. If you need to build something on it you better take note of these points.

Information is available at your fingertips, just need to take a stand and go for it. This is whole Cryptocurrency is in its infant stage. I welcome your feedbacks and help guide on choosing a right path to earning.

P. S. I have invested a little bit in Steemit coins. Hope as time goes it would bring some profits.

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Why not post quality content and comment on other blog posts so that you can earn Steem rather than buying it?

Spend time, save money.


Whats your take on this question?


Sure will do that, trying out how it works. Thanks though for your concern. 👍


Thanks ✌️ upvoted