Video - Mining and ZenCash overview for Winnipeg CryptoCurrency Meetup

3년 전

Video recording of a presentation with questions and answers for the meetup group in Winnipeg

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We had a similar meeting in Edmonton just last night :)

Thanks for posting that, I look forward to watching it. I bought $ZEN right after it was recommended by Teeka in Palm Beach Confidential. To my dismay the price spiked up shortly before he announced the pick, so I had to pay $22/coin rather than $7/coin, but I have a stash safely tucked away in my ZenCash Swing Wallet that I'm holding for the long term. I think you and the rest of the team are going to kick some serious ass and that when complete, ZenCash will be a better product than Monero, ZCash, Verge or any of the other privacy coins. ZenCash is a HODL AT ALL COSTS! Keep up the great work.


Thanks! The ZenCash team keep growing and we are all working to make it into a great product.

Very interesting news! This leave me some further investigation to be done. But good its weekend, so plenty of time. Thanks !