Neo (Antshares) with co-founder Da HongFei

4년 전

NEO (Formerly known as Anshares) is a smart assets platform with combines smart contracts and digital assets. I have an exclusive interview with the co-founder of Neo : Da Hong Fei

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I had so many issues with their wallet. Haven't seen my funds in ages, was told to download the new wallet when it comes out.

Nice video. I invested in NEO a little bit. I hope they will fix the wallet issues.


Great interview! I hope NEO goes far!

Great and informative video, I am a follower of Antshares/NEO. Learned many things from the founder himself. Thanks

Excellent work this article really I really liked success and thank you for sharing

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Funny how 18 minutes after posted, this post had 9 views but 23 votes....


I'm guessing, but could that be due to all the steem bots that follow content creators(?)


You're probably right. Can't make up my mind if I like it or not. On one side it's not "pure" but on the other hand it helps content creators make a living.......

Great interview!

Thanks for the interview - great work!

Epic Thomas! Great job in China reporting, it is such an important element in investment decisions having the Chinese perspective. Da is so impressive and his English is great and NEO, by all indications is a great bet.

Great post! It's always good to see the inside of these cryptocoins. Neo is one to watch for sure


awesome thanks!

Really enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing!

U seemed to be a little concerned or uncomfortable about the camera here. Otherwise, good video and informative content.


the camera ran out of batteries mid interview, it was flashing and i was observing throughout the interview. stupid camera...

Thanks for this. I hope the NEO community makes a solid mac wallet soon!

Going to be a beast it appears. So many co8ns!!

I crushed some numbers and compared the GAS price with the price for NEO ... I think GAS is dramatically undervalued. If you are interested in my calculation ->

By the way, smart contracts on Ethereum use a hash function from some future block in order to generate a random number, the same for all nodes.

Will be watching their development. This is definitely going big as they are building an ecosystem and platform...