What Is My Strategy If the CryptoCurrency Market Has Dumn?

2년 전

Hi friends, How are you today?
Today I will discuss a few problems that are being experienced by many Cryptocurrency traders. previously, here I did not recommend anything to Pivoter to invest in the world of Cryptocurrency. that is to say, I don't invite you to do things like I do.

In the past few days, the bear market has continued to run rampant in slaughtering various cryptocurrency, this is due to many factors that have developed. however, on the other hand, technology blockchain continues to be adopted by various parties, both internal and external. thus, this has made the blockchain and cryptocurrency a positive development that will be widely known by the public.

in early 2018, cryptocurrency has shocked many people, Bitcoin as the father of the top cryptocurrency has reached a very significant high price of $ 20,000 usd. this certainly surprised everyone. however, this November, many people experienced bitterness because various altcoins collapsed to eliminate a lot of traders' money.

Recently, Bitcoin ETFs that have submitted 12 applications have not been approved by the SEC, so this has also been a cause of the decline in the blockchain and cryptocurrency reputation because many investors are not comfortable investing in this world.

How to deal with the bear market?

Patience is very important for everyone in carrying out a job. Cryptocurrency has tested many people today. however, if you have patience, you will feel other extraordinary things in the future.

Suggestions and Strategies:

Never buy an altcoin that has a bad reputation, like, coin-coins that don't have a large community.
trade in popular markets such as Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Poloniex etc. You will be easy to contact if you have a problem. and most importantly, your assets are safe when the market has a very good reputation.
Never invest with mediocre money, because, when you buy altcoins, your fiat number will change instantly. You will find it difficult to return it. invest with more money than you need everyday.
Buy altcoins that have large volumes. I advise you to buy altcoin with a maximum rating of 50 because they have been tested in dealing with the various turmoil of their company.
I strongly recommend that, if the altcoin you have bought has decreased, please play short. that means, all you have to do is sell and buy when you go down so you can add to your altcoin. you must be observant to see the movement. never wait for your altcoin to rise high, you have to take a little profit and be able to do it again patiently.
maybe only this can I say a little advice from me. I hope you can do it well and correctly.

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