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When it comes to trading anything, timing is the key to making an investment that will provide returns. It is easy to see that all currencies have a value most often in a constant state of flux. I have been trading stocks for many years now and was initially skeptical of crypto currencies. Even though I have grown up with the revolution of the internet and cell phones, and even though I realize the limitless possibilities of information transfer, it still took me a long time to really want to get on board.

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I have finally made my decision to move ahead into the new age exchange of value and economic possibilities for growth threw crypto currencies. Navigating the numerous avenues for investment has been interesting and eye opening to say the least. I find that the more I explore the more I learn. Its really quite addicting. In following the price flux of more well known crypto currencies on coinbase, I have been able to piece together a feel for the market and attempt to see the madness behind it all. The more I look into it the better it gets. I am fascinated with the deeper parts of crypto and how exchanging main currencies into sub currencies can be rewarding. Additionally, the independent coin fluctuations can combine or compound a main coin trend and become rewarding.

Now is the time in my opinion. The market seems to be adjusting and settling for now. As all markets do, it is only natural that such change happens. This natural part of market swings creates an excellent time to make a few moves. Could prices continue to drop? Yes, that very well may be the case, but when they return or start to regain strength getting in at the low points is what can make or break an investment. Identification of opportunity will make all the difference in the world.

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