Let the Market Discover Gems for you

5년 전

Everyone wants to find the next Bitcoin or Ethereum and see the value of their investment skyrocket 100-1000x. There are tons of videos and posts that give tips on how to find coins that have this kind of potential. But what if you could be 90% sure that your investment will increase 10x (or even more), rather than 1% sure that it will increase 1000x?

People feel like they missed out when they see a new currency leap out of nowhere into the top 20 on coinmarketcap. What they fail to consider is that the market cap for crypto currencies (currently just over 500 billion) is still tiny compared to other asset classes like stocks, bonds, or real estate. Taking into consideration the growing attention crypto is getting in the mainstream media, and the increasing awareness of how unstable the fiat-based monetary system is, there's no doubt in my mind that we will see a rapid value transfer from traditional assets into the cyrpto market in the coming months and years. Where will most of this money go? Into well-established projects with professional teams, that are likely ranked within the top 50 coins.

Take IOTA for example. It blind-sided many investors when it suddenly appeared in the top 10 on coinmarketcap in June of 2017 valued at nearly 2 billion dollars. It would be easy to look at that and think "Wow, I missed out on a huge opportunity". But even if you had invested then, you'd already be up at least 500%. This is just one of countless examples where people thought they had missed out, when in fact the market found a valuable project for them to invest in.

So let the market find the winners and hoist them to your attention. You'll avoid countless hours researching scam coins and still do well in the long-run (years, not decades). Of course, do your due diligence to avoid hyped coins that offer no value, and wait for the inevitable selloff before you invest. But you don't need to feel like you missed out. This market still has insane room for growth, and a "safe" investment ranked near the top 20 will still yield way more than any traditional investment vehicle.


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nice mate

This is amazing advice.
Yes, we only keep looking up for top currencies, we should better look out for new and capable currencies. You can find capable currencies in CoinCap.
Thanks for the information.



CoinCap is great for their real-time updates. I'm just fond of coinmarketcap :)