Populous (PPT) Hits All Time High As It Showcases Its Beta Platform Preview (Actual Beta Launch Coming Soon!)

2년 전

Populous Update — Brace yourselves, the Beta is coming.

With the feedback from our incredible community of testers (Seriously, thanks, guys, you wouldn’t believe how much it costs to companies who offer this as a service), we’ve been able to craft a fully functioning beta that looks and feels like a Billion Pound Product.

Simulate your way through the Populous Platform beta

Beta Preview: https://preview.uxpin.com/041bc12c0c8bde3db46685fa95bf0e9ad7d2bc98#/pages/79214878/simulate/sitemap


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this coin has alot of potential


Yup, I'm defiantly glad I got into this one early on (@ $2.50)... has lots of room to grow!


so difficult to access these early on from South Africa :/

I am also so glad my son recommended me to invest in populous a few months back when it was low. This is going to be an exciting year!!!