Litecoin Is On Its Way Up! | Almost to $250 | Litecoin Cash?

3년 전

Were Hoping The Crypto World Is Finally Awake Again 

The cryptocurrency market has been down lately because of Bitcoin and the volatility of the insertion of institutional money have made things screwy. Litecoin has decided to step up as Bitcoin gains some ground edging closer to $10,000 each. It started gaining momentum 2 days ago and it finally broke $200 as other altcoins are following suit. This makes me very exciting to start trading again and grab new coins on the rise. 

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The market is coming back strong and good stuff for everyone.

300 soon

We have made a bottom, and the correction is over. Time to buy.

This has happened under a rumor that a litecoin fork is happening. It is being said that those who have 1 litecoin will get 11 litecoin cash.

According to my analytics it would be $350+ :)