Exhausting...quick update. Stock portfolio.

3년 전

I started a stock portfolio and a crypto portfolio at the same time with the same amount of money.
The stock portfolio YTD is up 15% with a heavy concentration of Tech and Genetic stocks. Most of the stocks I hold have at least something to do with blockchain or have made moves in the blockchain or crypto field.
The crypto portfolio is currently (after lagging dramatically for several months) up 16.5% YTD.
The gold and silver coins in my safe deposit box are of considerably less value and are about the same YTD.
The selling price of my 1987 Vanagon appears to have gone up about 10% - but it's still not for sale.
So, in summary - crypto is providing the best returns, followed by aggressive stock investing, followed by VW vans, and finally followed by gold and silver. This could all change very rapidly though.

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