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Cindicator takes technical analysis to a whole new level!

Intelligence of man coupled with the power of machine.

Playing the crypto markets can sometimes feel like a game show, and the one that has the greatest parallels in my opinion is: “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

Consider yourself locked into the hot seat, the question is: “Which coin/ token is going to earn gains today?“ Time to pull out your secret weapon! Poll the audience!

Cindicator is a “Collective Intelligence Platform that generates valuable trading signals and decision-support indicators based on analyst predictions enhanced by Artificial Intelligence”. The platform has over 77,000 users generating signals based on simple questions from crypto markets, as well as the traditional stock markets. These questions range such as: "x" did "y" what are the chances of "x" doing "z" by this date, "x" closed at "y" on this date, what are the min and max price for "x" by this date. Forecasts have time limits for which analysts can submit their predictions. Accurate forecasts earn points, inaccurate forecasts remove points. This is where the systems AI starts to shine. The AI receives a huge amount of raw data which is then sorted by defining the confidence and weight for each user which takes into account:

  • The personal track record of each member's accuracy, divided into clusters (signal types, instrument types, links between answers, etc.)
  • Dynamic feedback of the profit/loss of each users forecast
  • Creating a predictive model which can identify “super forecasters” in the group

But what good is all this information? Cindicator operates trading bots to apply the forecasts and adds another layer of data for their AI to consider. This also generates the company a profit to be used for operations as well as rewards and incentives for the forecasting community.

The CND Token

At ICO, the CND Token was given a valuation of $0.01 = 1CND, at the time of writing CMC gave CND a value of: $0.18¡ to which in my opinion is grossly undervalued (Disclosure: not hodling). The purpose of the CND token was to initially raise funds as well as provide a means to which users may access Cindicator services. For the low investment price of 5000 CND (~$900.00¡) you can lock in your CND as a proof of stake and benefit from the beginner level of “Cindicator bot“. This includes a community voted weekly indicator for one crypto asset. As well as a market events probability indicator. For 700,000 CND in your wallet, you receive the expert level which grants support and resistance levels, ICO info and rankings, and price level indicators which determine probability of a certain price by a certain time. ROI on the ~$126k¡ investment is sure to be quick with the knowledge of 77,000 analysts all working for you. There is a “trader” level which is 200,000 CND to be held which grants better access than beginner, but less than expert. Certainty worth a look. . All levels of stake also provide traditional market indicators in a sliding scale fashion.

Cryptometer Bot 2.0


Your personal Cryptocurrency Market measurement tool for spotting time-limited market opportunities. For the stake price of 1,000,000 CND ($180k¡) you get a personal VIP card to the Cryptometer bot.

Features of the Bot:

  • Notifications about arbitrage opportunities on crypto exchanges with monitoring support of 10 exchanges (Poloniex, Kraken, OKCoin, Gemini, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex, GDAX, Binance, and BTCC) and 8 cryptocurrency/USD pairs (BCH/USD, BTC/USD, DASH/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, NEO/USD, XMR/USD, XRP/USD)
  • Tracking of price drops and surges for a specified threshold. You can specify multiple thresholds for all supported pairs
  • Displaying a list of prices on all supported exchanges for any given pair. Lists are sorted by price from lowest to highest.

Up to the second information can be extremely valuable especially for a market that can swing 10% or more in an hour! Very active day traders will benefit from these services.

Signing up is easy and free, download the app, or sign up on the website for the desktop app. Prize pool is distributed amongst the most accurate analysts. February's pool is 1.25 BTC for crypto markets, and $7500 USD for the traditional markets. Once people realize the power of Cindicator, which should become more accurate with adoption of users. Their token value will grow which will quickly price the average person out of the services of their bots. This is one you don't want to miss.

Averaging about 75% correct on its predictions, Cindicator is a much better tool than just “phoning a friend” or making that “50/50” guess.


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