Justin Sane joins the McAfee Bet

3년 전

2018 Looks to be the Year of the "Dick Bet"

People have been stating opinions and facts on the internet for years. Some of these are opinions based on facts, while others are facts based on opinion.

It is my opinion that crypto currency is here to stay. Some like it and most don't understand it. The truth is that real world applications are beginning to gain traction around the globe.

Gaming will become big this year! Namely Tron Dogs is seeing its release following the successful crypto kitty craze that choked ethereum txn times and raised fees.


What is a Tron Dog?

Tron Dogs is a new blockchain-based virtual game from Tron Labs using the digital currency TRONIX (TRX) to purchase virtual dogs that you can raise, breed and trade/sell with your friends and open market.

kindly note that a crypto kitty was sold for $100,000 fact or internet opinion, you figure it out

None the less with this year being The year of the dog this puppy shouldn't be forgotten about and neither should the whole Tron Platform


At the time of writing Tron Dogs was still under construction, well being translated into english. Pet shops cost a whopping 20,000 Trx and are rumored to sell out in seconds due to the highest chances of recieving epic and legendary dogs.

If online gaming has taught me anything, its that the chinese do it very well. The creator of clash of clans and other great titles was reportedly working on Tron dogs.



@justinsane Has in fact bet his manhood on the success of tron dogs! But what success? Huge online trends of "look at my puppy!", or "ultra rare +72 dog only 1 mil trx!" We shall see... crypto kitty craze has cooled due to its effects on ethereum but Tron has a much higher capacity for this. We shall wait for the launch of the main net before passing judgement on Justin's own dog.

Justin might be a bit INsane to make such a wager, or maybe he is the fabled "justinpets" account who had billions of TRX to seed the market with, we won't know.

See John McAfee's bet HERE

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Tron dogs are definitely super interesting!

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The Omega egg just kicked off today at 7:00 AM Eastern standard time and will be ongoing every 2 hours after and only releasing ten at a time. The cost of the Omega egg is right around 80 dollars in ethereum but just like cryptokitties the early rare-er ones will be the ones to go after! Everyone will receive one "referral" egg that even if you don't refer you will at least get one for joining during the pre-launch.

For this game to gain value and support we will need new users entering all the time. The more referrals you get the more worth of the egg you will receive.
3 referrals for a common egg (0.01 ETH)
10 referrals for a uncommon egg (0.05 ETH)
20 referrals for a rare egg (0.20 ETH)
50 referrals for a super rare egg (1.00 ETH)
100 referrals for an epic egg (5.00 ETH)
250 referrals for a mythic egg (20.0 ETH)
500 referrals for a legendary egg (100.0 ETH)


Once you have joined, engage with the community and get some of the most up to date info with our Telegram!