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What's TRON?

TRON is a decentralized smart protocol (smart contracts) and an application development platform (dApps). It allows each user to freely publish, store and own contents and data, including an incentive mechanism. Enables application developers and content creators through digital asset distribution, circulation and transaction, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

The partners of Tron protocol include Peiwo, Obike, Gifto, Uplive,, to name a few, with a total of 24 millions users, and hundreds of millions of unrealized users, making Tron a blockchain protocol with the most DAPP users in the world.

TRON is a product of Web 4.0 and the decentralized internet.

Storage network

TRON is a centerless storage network, which turns the storage from cloud model to market model based on algorithms and rules. The market is based on blockchain and trade in virtual currency: the miner earns TRX by providing storage for clients; on the contrary, the clients spends TRX to hire miner to store and dispatch data. Similar to Bitcoin, offered by miners, which provides a useful client-side service (unlike Bitcoin, the miners' work is only useful for blockchain consensus) and is a strong incentive to drive miners to contribute as much storage space as possible to client-side rent. The agreement will integrate these resources into a self-healing storage network for external use, and the network will realize its robustness by copying and dispersing stored content and automatically detect and repair replication errors. The client side can choose different replication parameters to protect data according to different threat degrees and levels. The storage network also provides other security guarantees for clients such as end-to-end encryption of content, and the storage provider cannot obtain the decryption key.


Why is TRON nesseccary? What will it solve?

At present, the annual scale of global entertainment market has reached thousands of billions of dollars. The Internet Revolution makes it possible for entertainment experiences to be globalized for the first time. However, factors such as fragmentation of payment settlement and an insular feature of the current entertainment systems, Have led to failures in completely releasing the potential of the global entertainment industry.

Since the 21st century, the entertainment industry all over the world has kept growing at a rate of 5.6% on annual average. Among them, American entertainment industry tops the list.


To sum up, integration between the entertainment industry and the Internet at the global view is moving towards a new round of prosperity. Importance should attached to the Asian-Pacific region as a giant emerging market rapidly growing and the key to further development of the entertainment industry. However, for the purpose of effectively grasping core market and users of the entertaimnent industry, simply transferring traditional entertainment forms improved to the market is far from enough.

TRON network provides an effective means for user info existence and information docking between different systems in the entire entertainment market, so as to break information barriers among different applications. In this way, users are able to substantially lower information input costs required by a particular application and developers realize efficient interactions in the field of user identification to reduce expenses of repeat authentication and prevent user identity information from being disclosed or stolen
by an intermediary.


Barrier-free tokens based on TRON network will fill up the blank of channels that
can be connected to various system settlement and payments in the entertainment network, and make absolutely trustworthy transaction information flow come true. Therefore, the trust relationship between the people in many social links and game sessions, etc. Turns into the trust between human beings and technology.

Real world uses


  • Tinder (TRON "Two")
    Every newly registered user is allowed to obtain TRX. Users praise each other one-to-one by sliding to gain tokens. Each time a user is praised, he/she will earn TRX given by the system. The user possessing more TRX tokens has better credit and higher level of his/her entertainment behaviors. Thus, such a user can be favored by more other high-quality users. In addition, the system also pushes users with higher scores. Token growth limit is defined on a daily basis. By virtue of settings, function of mutual gift presenting by sliding can be realized by TRX between users. The behavior of presenting TRX as a gift will make the corresponding user benefit from selecting more qualified and matched persons.


  • Online Live Streaming
    Every newly registered user is entitled to obtain TRX. As for streamers, they should acquire tokens by being given a reward. Each time they are rewarded to a certain magnitude, TRX can be obtained. As for users, they can get TRX when they comment and are rewarded by other users. Users of a higher TRX score have a stronger performing capacity and are more popular among users. By contrast, user of a higher TRX score has a more intensive power of consumption and should be a high-paying user endowed with a glory level by the platform. TRX can be also presented as a gift among users by means of giving a reward and no upper limit has been imposed on the amount of TRX obtained in each day.


  • Gambling
    Based on TRON, developers are able to easily construct online gaming platforms so as to further provide opportunities to ordinary investors to participate into the investment. A gaming platform takes the responsibility to issue TRX and keep behavior records. The fundamental issuance rule is as follows. In each case that virtual currencies of the corresponding magnitude have been spent, TRX can be issued; or, when virtual currencies of a certain value have been earned, TRX can be also issued without any upper limit. Game developers can develop TRX gambling systems to perform gaming by adopting TRX as the subject. TRX injection is accepted. Users can resell TRX obtained by themselves. Or, the user utilizes their own TRX to gamble directly as TRON network accepts varieties of cryptocurrency such as BTC, and Ethereum. TRON network employs TRX as neutral currency to conduct settlement.


  • Gaming
    TRON makes it possible to construct decentralized online gaming platforms. Developers are able to freely construct game platforms based and utilize game development crowdfunding and further provide opportunities to ordinary investors to put investment into the game. When the user spends a certain amount of cryptocurrency on the platform, he/she obtains TRX. TRX injection is accepted. Users can resell TRX obtained by themselves or, users can directly top up TRX to obtain game assets in a way of consuming TRX; besides, tokens and TRX establishing market can be issued for game applications to realize currency interconnection and interworking among different game markets.

Who is TRON?

The TRON team firmly believes that the Internet belongs to all humankind since the day the protocol was born, instead of a profitable tool to a fraction of people. Therefore, TRON established the Tron Foundation in Singapore, with the primary task to operate the TRON network publicly, fairly, transparently, and not for profit, and offer support to TRON's development team.

Tron Foundation's establishment was approved by Singapore's Accounting and
Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and is supervised by Singapore's corporate law. This Foundation is independently managed and run by a management committee and is independent of the government. The Foundation does not have any commercial interests to support or participate in public interest or private interest activities. The"profit"earned by the Foundation is deemed surplus and will be kept as outlays for other activities instead of being distributed among its members.


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