Binance Chain ! Binance Dex ! Ferrum Network expands its influence. August 5 first listing on BitMaX.IO

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Hello friends. We continue with you to consider one of the best projects of this season called Ferrum Network. The project team is actively working and has already gathered a large amount of positive news that I would like to share with you. For starters, this is the start of ICO, which is scheduled for August 1, 2019. I am sure that the team will be able to implement Hard Cap because the project has a great product, a great idea and the project is already building an entire ecosystem. In previous articles, we looked at the products of the Ferrum project. We looked at theKudi Exchange and UniFyre Wallet. But in today's article, we will talk about the news.

Binance Chain


If you open the official Ferrum Network page on the Medium resource, we can see great news on the project. One of the key news is that the projects partially goes to Binance Chain. We know how binance positively affects the development of any project. This is a huge pump that will give great popularity to the Ferrum Network project. The team has already announced its plans to list its Tokin to us Binance Dex and this is great. On the blockchain, Binance project token will be called FRM. And the project will open up great opportunities. This news is excellent for all investors because ICO starts on August 1. Also, the project team says that token FRM ERC-20 also remains. Thus, the project confirms that it will work in all networks and with all blockchain. Performing the main task of combining the entire cryptocurrency.

Here is a link to the official source for you to be able to independently study this issue and sort it out. This useful material may be useful to you to consider investing in a Ferrum Network project.

News № 2


The team did not have time to announce the ICO. The team is already preparing for the first token listing. I think that this will have a positive effect on the course of ICO. On August 5, we will be able to buy and sell token FRM on the cryptocurrency exchange Such a cryptocurrency pair like Bitcoin and USDT will be available for the Ferrum Network. The team also says that partnership agreements with Bitmax.Io will be concluded. And tokens will be added to the new UniFyre cryptocurrency wallet created by the Ferrum Network project. In general, this is great news. The fact is that the first listing is the most important until the project has entered the market. This gives the investor confidence that they will be able to purchase tokens and sell tokens on the bitmax during the ICO. We also know that to get to the Market Cap project you need a certain number of available exchangers.




In general, great news for this project. Binance is a big pump that pumps this project up to heaven. Listing on time ICO gives the investor more opportunities to manage their balance sheets. An interesting idea, interesting solutions, ready-made results. The Ferrum Network project deserves our attention. I advise everyone who has requested this article to visit official sources to study the project yourself. Thank you for your attention.


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