Post Halving...... also BCH advice anyone?

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This isn't the way I recall certain halvings going. The last BTC halving was very lucrative. I took it for granted thinking this would be lucrative but, I have actually lost about a thousand dollars.
Is there hope??

Crypto Gods, is this money recoverable? I would like to think so considering the long term value of the coin.

I've been watching BCH. Since it's fork it's bounced around but been pretty stable and going up at times.

Would that be a better place for my money?

Any thoughts, insight etc. on the crypto market would be great. Thanks guys!



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I think you're not looking at the right data, all previous halvings would always have a dump as unprofitable miners call it quits and sell while others sell at to fund mining operations at the new rate to see if they can sustain it over time or upgrade their gear. Halvings stock to flow only kicks in after 8 - 16 months


U read my previous posts so you should know im already aware of that and while i appreciate your input, this post was simply lamenting things moving a bit faster.


It's going the way it was meant to go in my opinion, I feel its going to fast for me, I can't stack enough sats fast enough lol


Yeah,it is picking up pace!

Dear @chelsea88

Solid read. It's clear that we're sharing similar interests towards blockchain technology and crypto.

Perhaps you would like to check out this contest / challenge done by my good friend hardaeborla: "What is Bitcoin Halving ?".

Enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr