A Crypto Enthusiast is Like an Underdog in the Current Phase

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For many people, the crypto space has a bad taste, this is why it will not get traction from them. Every technology has faced the same pattern and many folks don't like the idea of change.

Believe it or not, crypto is here to stay and will dominate the mainstream in a couple of years. Central' powers fight and make it difficult for us to use this technology and encourage people to give up.

The underdogs of crypto

I believe in the crypto realm and its tremendous potential, otherwise, I will not be here with this blog. When you are convinced about something, you jump in it at 100% with the faith.

I am rational and understand the power behind this technology and what it will bring. The reality of "people's money" is something we are going to use and take it for granted in a couple of years.

In the current stage, we are in a correction phase and this is healthy and good for the ecosystem. We need that for the legit projects to shine, and the bad ones to disappear in the shadow!

It is not easy

You need to have the ultimate faith and believe in the potential to keep going. The crypto price is not the best when you compare it to your fiat counterpart and many have left the boat already because of this.

The speculation phase and easy money is not there anymore. Now, you need to build, work hard, and bring value to succeed in this awesome space.

It is the time to continue to write, discover great gems, and remain active.

Crypto enthusiasts

I have fun with this website, Steem blockchain especially, and to discover new things. I love the idea of people's money and to have control over your assets.

We are moving into a market in which people are giving value and trading without a central entity. I like to have the freedom and no one being able to dictate what you have the right to do.

A crypto enthusiast is someone who is believing at 100% in crypto and blockchain technology. It is someone who is willing to take a risk and invest in this type of asset.

The most important is to be part of this ecosystem, in good and bad times.

Fiat system will collapse

The fiat system is not fair and no one has the right to create money out of thin air. The worst, they dictate the rules of the game and force you to pay taxes on your income.

This system enslaves you and makes you believe that you are free but it is the contrary, you are trapped like a mouse in a cage. It is a false belief of liberty that you can do what you want. Stop paying your taxes or mortgage, and you will discover rapidly the consequence.

I experienced the side effect of this fiat system and that why I know the potential of crypto.

The best is near

In my head, I know what I want in my life and crypto is something I want to be surrounded by. It is too powerful; the impact that it will have on our society and getting pay for something you like will become a reality.

You can simply write an article, and get paid in crypto on Uptrend, Publish0x, or Steem blockchain as an example. Accumulate those tokens until the next epic bull run. Accumulation, while the price is low, is a lifetime opportunity and you need to have gratitude toward it.

Last word

We are the underdogs, the crypto enthusiasts that love the ideology of people's money. We are in the phase of education, curiosity, and expansion toward the mainstream population.

Crypto are here to stay and will succeed!

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