Bitcoin Ultimate Resilience

3년 전

When banksters and governments try to ban Bitcoin ;)

Never forget the ultimate resilience of the mother of all cryptocurrencies!


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@chesatochi, we are gonna be insanely rich by the end of 2018. Hope 2k Steem is not all the funds that u got?


We might be in better shape financially at the end of the year!

Laughed out loud when I saw this..
One of the best I have seen
Got to resteem it!


Happy you enjoy it :)

I think the fact that BTC prices have proved remarkably resilient amid the collapse of what was once the world's largest trading platform (Mt Gox) should tell us that BTC itself is more resilient that mainstream opinion would have us believe.


I am with you @brianmack, Bitcoin have fallen do many times, it have been labelled all sorts of names but it is still here. That says alot about it and the earlier we realize this power of BTC the better for us.
Nice post @chesatochi


Bitcoin will win the ultimate battle against the fiat system base on debt.

But here they forgot one thing and that is Bitcoin never walks it only jumps. 🙂


Every time Bitcoin rebound stronger, in shape and very healthy ;)


Yes, that is true. 🙂

Yep, that about says it all... :-)


You can bypass the fence easily :)