Reading: Is Crypto Ready for Institutional Investment? Is Blockstream Driving Bitcoin?

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Medium has had a couple of great write ups on the topic of crypto lately.

Insitutional Investment in the Crypto Market, perhaps not just yet...

I've read many commentaries about super and pension funds feeding billions into cryptocurrency and have often wondered how such funds could handle swings in the market. Consider that seen over the past couple couple of days where over $150 billion market cap has been shed. If the market really is correcting back to an anticipated true value position how many millions would be lost by such funds?

Sure most investment funds are generally looking at long term gains, and crypto can possibly fit the bill there, but the chaotic flux of blockchain market capitalisation would probably deter any but dedicated crypto investment funds.

Have a read... I tend to agree with this analysis by CryptoConsigliere.
[Why Bitcoin and Institutional Money Don’t Get Along. Yet.](

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