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Hello friends, I want to introduce you to a unique project ico Mozo (

Mozo is a token to discover the future of commerce. The future, where Mozo is becoming the digital platform for physical retail shopping malls, to thrive side by side with online trading. Mozo is a block-chain solution for centers and retailers that increase the number of pedestrian flows in stand-alone stores. Granting Mozo Token rewards, customers directly contact operators and store owners who are encouraged to open new places, browse products and make purchases.
The goal of the Mozo project is to create a universal platform for attracting pedestrian traffic to physical stores. Mozo allows consumers to earn and accumulate crypto currency (Mozo token), when using Mozo APP to detect new products in physical stores (i.e. trade floors digitized by the Mozo system). Mozo tokens can be converted into reference currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, used as discounts for products and services in stores with Mozo support and purchased in the Mozo Redemption market.

Mozo is the leader in IPS (IPS) technology, having achieved successful results with leading Chinese operator Mall, Wanda Group and 361 °, one of the leading retailers of sportswear in China. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders Wanda China, Suntec Singapore and DCG Korea put Mozo at the forefront of retailing in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Korea. With already 38,000 places devoted to the implementation of Mozo, they plan up to 300,000 seats that will be implemented by Mozo over the next three years. Our intention is to become the number one marker for the global retail market.

As you can see the Mozo project is beneficial for all parties, both for sellers and for buyers. What makes the project unique and increases the demand for their token!

38 000 stores are now committed to using the MOZO. What is the advantage of using MOZO:

  • Reward for VISITING: Airdrop MOZO on VISITING - Get MOZO tokens every time VISITING a store or mall. Store owners can set amount of tokens to be rewarded for new/return customers.
  • Reward for DISCOVERING: Airdrop MOZO on ZAPPING - Be rewarded to DISCOVER any product chosen by store owner. Be it a new arrival, seasonal sales...
  • Reward for BUYING: Reward MOZO on PURCHASING - Reward for BUYING products at any of the 38,000 stores currently committed to use MOZO. Target 300,000 stores in 3 years. MOZO tokens can also be exchanged on selected coin exchange platforms.

How Mozo Works!

Details for ico:
Token name: Mozo
Token type: Ethereum ERC-20
Sale consists of 2 stages.

Stage 1:
Hard Cap: US$ 42 Million
Number of Tokens to be sold: 700 Million
Token Price: US$ 0.09
Time Period: Presale: May 8, 2018 to July 22, 2018 Crowdsale: July 23, 2018 to July 30, 2018
Distribution of unsold Tokens: Redistributed on a proportional basis to 1st Tranche purchasers

Stage 2:
Hard Cap: US$ 46 Million
Number of Tokens to be sold: 550 Million
Token Price: US$ 0.12
Method of Distribution: Crowdsale only
Time Period: Crowdsale:Targeted for Q4 2018
Distribution of unsold Tokens: Redistributed on a proportional basis to 2nd Tranche purchasers

discounts: 10% - 1 ETH / 0.1 BTC or more in one transaction ; 20% - 50 ETH / 5 BTC or more in one transaction

In conclusion, I want to mention a professional team with many years of experience, which qualitatively works on the project. I recommend paying attention to the project, it is really an innovative project of 2018 with great potential and an excellent future. Become a part of the future, have time to buy tokens while there is still a possibility at a discount!!!

More information:
✅ Website:
✅ White paper:
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✅ Telegram:

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It's great, Alex. I'm sure Mozo will be amazing project!

Very nice

Great project!

Beautiful information. We need to take a closer look at the project.


Thank you, the project is really very promising and attractive.

Every day this project becoming stronger and stronger... I really love your concept. Great work. I pretty sure this can beat all coins in market, Because Very high development is this project, Good luck!!!

Good project

Excellent article, thanks for the information!

Wow, that's a great tool. I would be very useful, I'm waiting for the release

The idea and concept of the company attracts many investors. The company undoubtedly has a future and the potential of rapid development.

Definitely, success awaits MOZO project! I see this is a high-quality project with very ambitious goals!