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Hello friends, I want to introduce to you a wonderful project ico Miner Edge! 1.jpg

Miner Edge is a strategic, diverse and large-scale mining enterprise. They create the world's largest multi-profile portfolio crypto-technical techno, registered in Anguilla, and mining will be carried out in Manitoba, Canada. With these favorable locations, they are directed to full-scale mining facilities throughout Canada. The main facilities were installed in Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Quebec. Miner Edge uses innovative technologies in its operations, with several mining sites and a fairly advanced technology, Miner Edge will produce in five main cryptoconverts that are bitocoins, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Monero.

The uniqueness of the project is that Miner Edge strives to give investors the opportunity to become part of the largest techno-mining operation. Using ultra-modern technology and relatively inexpensive Green Energy. The project plans to distribute 75% of Miner Edge products to all holders of the MET token, providing them with an income in ETH on monthly basis from the mining and hosting profits, taking foolproof security measures and maintaining transparency in divulging all the reports to them. For the remaining 25% of profit, the project intends to modernize its facilities. Thus, the project is very attractive for investors, investing once, they receive a passive income for life.

Advantages of the Miner Edge project:

  • Green Electricity: The mining head unit will be based in the province of Manitoba Canada, which has an abundance of water sources and clean electricity. All mining companies will work for 100% of the renewable energy sources of the hydroelectric complex, providing low cost, green electricity supply for less than $ 0.04 - $ 0.06 / kWh.
  • Technology: Miner Krai will partner with major mining equipment manufacturers and state-of-the-art cooling plants and harness solutions to optimize costs and maximize profitability. They plan to invest a significant amount of revenue in research and development of hardware to upgrade their existing system.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Miner Edge will mine top coins, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Monero. Such diversification provides an investment by providing backups from other coins in the event of a downturn.
  • Experience: The project has a strong team with a reputation for implementing projects with profitability and with skills from technology, finance, marketing, real estate and operations.
  • Location: Mining operations will be based in Manitoba Canada which is among the top ranking countries for stability. It has globally competitive energy rates between $0.04 - $0.06/kWh* and a strong financial sector.
  • Tax-Free: Miner Edge is headquartered in Anguilla which has legalized Cryptocurrency and taxes are Zero percent. However, mining will take place in Canada and we'll pay whatever taxes are applicable there.

Miner Edge will provide conditions such as:

  • Multiple Currency Mining: Mining all the leading currencies ensure we get hold of the market, it prevents us from unpredictable market risks.
  • Hot and Cold Storage: Providing hot and cold storage both ensures the flow of coins as well as safe-keeping. This is an indeed unique feature.
  • Power Supplies and Internet: Ample amount of power supply and internet to sustain incessant mining in different locations with 100% productivity.
  • Backup Servers and PSU's: To maintain a ceaseless mining and to be ready for any uncertainty high power servers and PSU's are deployed.

Holders of MET tokens will have the opportunity:

  • Get Monthly Payouts: Up to 9 percent ROI per month. Mining Alt Coins, payouts in ETH.
  • Save it, Sell it Exchange it: The choice is yours, you can sell, exchange or save and receive a profit every month.
  • Smart Contracts: Each month, there will be automatic payments based on smart contracts Ethereum.


Details for ico:

Token: MET
Platform: Ethereum
Token sale price: 1 MET = 0.6 USD
Total tokens: 60m. MET
Tokens for sale: 42m MET
Sales dates: 01.06.2018 - 20.09.2018
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 1.000.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 32.000.000 USD
Currencies: BTC, ETH, USD
Minimum purchase: 20 MET
Location: Canada


In conclusion, I want to mention a professional team with many years of experience, which qualitatively works on the project. I recommend paying attention to Miner Edge, this is really one of the best projects of 2018, with great potential. Investing now to ensure the future!

More information:
✅ Website: https://www.mineredge.io/
✅ White paper: https://www.mineredge.io/whitepaper.pdf
✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mineredge1
✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mineredge.io/
✅ Telegram: https://t.me/mineredge

author of the article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1082701
ETH address: 0xA7eB88B3319c1961148e3977BeEc6Bb4fF502774

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A grandiose project. I'm glad I did not pass by! It will not be long, and we will be able to feel the real benefits of the project

The project has really huge potential! what is the minimum and maximum of investment?


Minimum purchase 20 MET, there is no maximum.

always wanted to plunge into mining with his head. Thanks for the article, this is what I was looking for

maybe I'm wrong, but now mining is on the verge of payback and investing in such projects is risky.


also heard about it. Still, the project is interesting, I wish him good luck!


Now mining is less profitable than before, but it brings a good profit and in the future it will be more profitable.!

Nice review! How can i teach my wife to understand all of this?))

Really wonderful project with such great features and advantages, I like your progressive concept!

This is a good project, with great potential

I think it is great idea. Thank you for sharing it with us !

Very good to become! The author has done an excellent job, happy to follow you!

Alex, I like your blog! The project looks promising! Thanks!

There are still a few questions on the article, but in a whole excellent reading!


What are your questions, can I answer? Also you will find the answers on the website of the project link at the bottom of the article.

Project developing very rapidly and gaining investors from all over the world! I wish for further development! Join and participate in the project!

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It is seen that the project is serious, what is the minimum entry threshold?


Minimum purchase 20 MET, there is no maximum.

Quality platform! take a look and you will like his team and the quality

subscribed to your blog, learned a lot of useful information, write well

This company attracted me with its new innovative ideas, which are modern in our world. I would like to see more projects like yours.

this project looks very interesting and looking forward to seeing this project grow.

As I understand they will pay their taxes in Canada. It's interesting what % rate will be for this.

A product from crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts) looks promising